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Internet Relay Chat

#cs.rin.ru on irc.rizon.net

IRC is the most popular way to chat with many persons, to give or receive help, to discuss or just to have fun.

Please note: The general behaviour rules which you can find in the forum rules apply to this chat as well.
Failure to comply with them results in kick and/or ban from the channel.

There are different ways to join our channel on the Rizon Network.

1) If you want to use an IRC client such as mIRC or X-Chat, you have to set it up to connect to the server irc.rizon.net on standard port (6667), or on port 6697, in case you want to use SSL. After that, join the channel #cs.rin.ru.

2) If you have no idea what the hell you have just read, but have an IRC client installed, you can also usually connect through this link:


Your IRC client should connect and have you join the channel automatically.

3) If you have never used IRC before or don't want to get an extra program just to chat or ask a question, you can use Mibbit instead.
Make sure your name doesn't contain any characters that are not allowed in IRC nicknames.

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