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Chat [ Log ]
« Today, 20:43 »   Yeah I guess I was seeing the counter timing out. That would explain why that request is now gone. Good that it's back :cool:
« Today, 17:53 »   lol... viewtopic.php?p=1662231#p1662231
« Today, 13:27 »   it doesn't cause any major problems for us, but it is poison for my OCD tendencies
« Today, 13:25 »   I can't reasonably fix this, so I just have to get over it -,-
« Today, 13:24 »   rip database
« Today, 13:24 »   oh my god, this even marked threads as read for me
« Today, 13:23 »   That is retarded :|
« Today, 13:18 »   light up a doobie and chill :D
« Today, 13:10 »   fucking seriously
« Today, 13:10 »   I need to vent about this. "reparsing posts", in the opinion of the phpBB developers, means "mass-editing posts". sure, let's spam 400k log entries and change the edit timestamps of ALL posts jsut to make sure posts are displayed correctly. this doesn't fuck up incremental backups AT ALL /s
« Today, 13:03 »   gotta debug the code to find out that the documentation lies. nice, phpBB team.
« Today, 12:32 »   this stupid reparser is causing me so much grief
« Today, 12:07 »   lol @Nimryel
« Today, 12:03 »   yep. shitty scripts are shitty
« Today, 11:21 »   I just realized that any thread that had the ;;) smiley in their last post got bumped as a result - I was confused for a while :laughing:
« Today, 10:29 »   the server owner might be doing something, so there could be more outages today..
« Today, 10:28 »   HackerJoe that sounds strange, but I think it was something else. The loading problems were caused by the counter being broken, so I commented out the javascript that loads it, for now.
« Today, 00:35 »   Glad it's back :)
« Today, 00:34 »   That was moments before the webserver bailed.
« Today, 00:32 »   The path was something with ucp I think. I am not sure because I closed the dev tools already. Sure was weird. Do you have a log you could look at?
« Today, 00:28 »   Very strange.
« Today, 00:28 »   I noticed a .js file that took very long to load with some get parameters that looked like it might be setting the last read post. It took about 50 seconds then errored with a 504. But that request is no longer there now.
« Today, 00:15 »   nice
« Today, 00:14 »   so the webserver just decided it's time to stop listening for web connections
« Yesterday, 22:18 »   You need to add this in your hosts file if you want to do that: keystone.mwbsys.com
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