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Chat [ Log ]
« Today, 01:59 »   we see the weirdest shit in shout box.
« Today, 01:49 »   also in couple sentences you made dozen of typing mistakes, its not someones fault if he doesnt understand you. If you made a post you would have chance to edit it but no you rushed typing in chat to get immediate attention
« Today, 01:47 »   I'm not a moderator and I don't report anyone, also I'm not a member LIKE you... Please try blending in a forum not directly asking whats burning you...
« Today, 01:44 »   report my msg if u find it bad and let moderators do their jobs , ur simple member LIKE me ;)
« Today, 01:41 »   yes
« Today, 01:40 »   you typed "ware " without "z", roll back to your sentence before you laugh
« Today, 01:39 »   warez* = marketable commodity LOL
« Today, 01:38 »   working for free with a team , i m looking for a warez team
« Today, 01:37 »   You said you are looking for a "ware" team, to "work" with... ware=marketable commodity and work=job ??? my english are not that great
« Today, 01:30 »   it's a free service :p
« Today, 00:49 »   Just stating facts no offence, and my opinion in this promotion site is that its made fast with a template... cant judge the arts cause its not my field
« Today, 00:38 »   MisterGFX so you come here: a) you dont bother making any posts, b) you advertise your services, c) you mention some teams I personaly never heard of and d) you ignore this forum rules...
« Today, 00:20 »   let's talk on Discord* (lol idk why i wrote icq ) x)
« Today, 00:18 »   @SALTI thanks
« Today, 00:17 »   @Venom i m memeber of dare arts , synergy and soar designer team , let's talk on icq if u ant 'h1ch4m#5496'
« Yesterday, 23:55 »   @Rui: Ok ok, enough. But what do you mean with "fake his own death once"?
« Yesterday, 23:30 »   Everyone has a different opinion, and that was mine, nothing more ;)
« Yesterday, 23:20 »   Kinda harsh @Venom, @AstateGFX has some interesting ideas, I think he exaggerates on the post production, too much contrast and chromatic aberration, but with the right guidance/client he can do something good, I myself work in 3D, but more environment and characters, I’m not good on lettering……
« Yesterday, 22:00 »   And that's the new style nowadays? Where you can't read the name of the designs? Btw, not the best quality of a few designs. Looks ripped off from somewhere.
« Yesterday, 21:41 »   gfx artist hxxps://astate.carbonmade.com looking for a ware team to work with :D
« Yesterday, 21:40 »   hay everyone
« Yesterday, 21:39 »   @knabberfee I don't care about probability. I don't like trolls, that's all.
« Yesterday, 21:18 »   Hopefully no one wasted their time for that ^^
« Yesterday, 21:15 »   @Rui: But they are more than one people to try that out, means, the chance is higher that the code will be correct for someone. Just probability
« Yesterday, 20:48 »   [[Please login to see this link.]]
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