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« 58 minutes ago »   @bordeath1 type Dark Souls 3 in the search box. go in the topic and read first post. post reply in that topic if you didn't understand what's written.
« Today, 00:44 »   No chance getting loads of money legit, game's matchmaking is aids
« Today, 00:44 »   Or you know... use some hacks to get money on GTA lol
« Today, 00:17 »   Hello! I'm new here, can someone tell me how can I find Dark Souls 3 download links?
« Yesterday, 23:04 »   CDPR promised Redkit so Witcher 3 could get proper mods but never delivered. They didn't get hate at all.
« Yesterday, 23:00 »   Or WC3 for DOTA
« Yesterday, 22:40 »   Just like how many bought Half-Life to play CS
« Yesterday, 22:40 »   Wouldn't be surprised of lots of PC players bought GTA for the sole purpose to mod it
« Yesterday, 22:04 »   Oh and GTA Online is an absolute cesspit where you either need to grind a lot to not get instantly mauled by level 200 players or buy those juicy shark cards, so that can fuck off as well
« Yesterday, 22:04 »   Take Two can jump in a lake for that move. Modding is a huge part of GTA and without it I wouldn't have played nearly as much of V as I did.
« Yesterday, 21:59 »   Is it green Luma?
« Yesterday, 21:58 »   How do I get cracked steam?
« Yesterday, 18:05 »   hey to u 2
« Yesterday, 17:30 »   Hello ladies
« Yesterday, 15:30 »   Personally, I would promote some reddit memes with Take Two and show them in a gas chamber crying for not having their way with OpenIV
« Yesterday, 15:29 »   These miserable jews from Take Two think they own the whole God damn gaming community and Rockstar. They soon found out they're egos are just too large and they haven't got the first clue about gaming and modding's importance.
« Yesterday, 15:25 »   Take Two Jews went too far this time.
« Yesterday, 15:25 »   It was predictable.
« Yesterday, 14:00 »   OpenIV mod is back from dead :-)
« Yesterday, 12:48 »   @gnome9ers True, but here you not only have updates faster, there are tools the releases don't have, like the steam emulation stuff etc. Other than that and a safe way to get releases (no survey sites, no scam sites) the 2 sources are identical.
« Yesterday, 10:56 »   ande message me
« Yesterday, 10:55 »   I want play dota2 rpg lan without internet , who can help me? thanks
« Yesterday, 10:45 »   hello all. i am new, speak english, and have read most of everything available. i have one question. whats the point in all this if we cant download directly from the client? isnt this just a longer way to download pirated games? why not just stick to scene releases?
« Yesterday, 07:06 »   iam here
« Yesterday, 07:04 »   hi
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