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Chat [ Log ]
« 8 minutes ago »   Hopefully no one wasted their time for that ^^
« 11 minutes ago »   @Rui: But they are more than one people to try that out, means, the chance is higher that the code will be correct for someone. Just probability
« 39 minutes ago »   [[Please login to see this link.]]
« 43 minutes ago »   Never heard of that rule
« 49 minutes ago »   but there is a golden rule, we never cheat at multiplayer games (poker is excluded)
« 51 minutes ago »   You little cheater ::D
« 53 minutes ago »   there is a guy called mrantifun makes lots of trainers... usually after I get a new game I check his site (just in case)
« 58 minutes ago »   All my soldiers died during one round, was funny how bad I did on my first playthrough. And you need to play without a trainer ::D
« Today, 20:26 »   although I admit I used a trainer lol
« Today, 20:25 »   XCOM series are soooooo nice, from the last giveaway humble gave me a DRMfree version along with Xenonauts key and tried it... its badass and got hell of mods
« Today, 20:23 »   XCOM ::D
« Today, 20:21 »   never played anything from warhammer franchise but I prefer turnbased games (hate time stress of RTS games)
« Today, 20:19 »   WH2 sucks :/
« Today, 20:14 »   ... got warhammer 2 on second try.. :D
« Today, 20:14 »   Lol..
« Today, 20:13 »   but then again, what to expect from someone who has tried to fake his own death once, right? :ROFL:
« Today, 20:12 »   it's not like a give a fuck, since I actually got a key for that beta from other source. I just don't like when people come here to just troll anyone who's reading the shoutbox
« Today, 20:12 »   there's no good thing about this. considering there are 26 letters in the latin alphabet, there's a total number of 676 combinations. Considering that, again, steam locks you out after 10 or 11 unsuccessful activations, in the worst case scenario you'd need ~68 accounts to figure out the key. or alternatively, wait 55minutes x 67tries (aka, would translate into roughly 154h) until you can try out all possible combinations using only one steam account.
« Today, 19:59 »   The good thing is, not only the fast people here have a chance to get this
« Today, 19:42 »   Pff, pros only need 1 try.
« Today, 19:23 »   That's idiotic, considering steam locks you out after 10 unsuccessful tries, and you have 26*26 possible combinations.
« Today, 17:00 »   Battalion 1944 Beta Code: ?V2N2-5Y58E-Q7HB? REPLACE "?" marks with LETTERS :) Have fun :)
« Today, 10:44 »   We.Got.Bamooozled-CRR
« Today, 09:05 »   You can change the region / currency as well. I just took $ as an example.
« Today, 08:50 »   @wisteria_5 too weird mate. @bam.exe [[Please login to see this link.]] one of the best. But it would've been easy to google it.
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