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« Today, 12:06 »   Or more likely, with Brexit going on, it's the perfect chace to sneak something controversial through unopposed/undebated, that they would otherwise have trouble getting through parliment (without creating a stink).
« Today, 12:04 »   And with Brexit going on that could mean two things. Either the government won't have the time to considerchanging something as controversial as net netrality.
« Today, 12:03 »   Not because the EU would be so adamantly aganst it, but because the EU would take a decade or two to reach a decision, by which time a differetn US pres might have undid the change (which would reduce any desire for it over here).
« Today, 12:02 »   @ irpie - Problem is, if net neutrality disappears in the US, it's a safe bet it will disappear in the UK as well because we're the ultimate US sheep and usually always follow whatever our master does. Especially once we leave the EU.
« Today, 09:11 »   Is there any onion access to this forum? Tor hidden service i mean.
« Today, 07:49 »   rome ftw anyway go watch extinct free from browser
« Today, 05:49 »   Thanks in advance.
« Today, 05:49 »   And please answer if you can.
« Today, 05:49 »   Please read the following!
« Today, 03:00 »   If anyones actually interested, this was just the FCC vote, essentially them voting as a body to send the repeal to congress. Its happened twice before and it never got passed congress/supreme court, so we are far from it actually happening, I'm from the UK so I dont really care haha it doesnt affect hosting
« Today, 02:33 »   If you're into sci-fi: just a quick shoutout for the upcoming sci-fi tv series Altered Carbon: [[Please login to see this link.]]
« Today, 01:34 »   Thor.n seems a good game T.T but it's not on steam T.T i'm so sad T.T
« Today, 01:08 »   sometimes I don't get it how the average US mind works, they rebel against using condoms in porn movies and stay still when their ISPs force condoms on their fibers....
« Today, 01:04 »   It's sad, the country that created internet now kills it because they're greedy and put power on a handful of greedy f....ers :(
« Yesterday, 22:50 »   Anyone has Logitech BRIO 4k Webcam, maybe? I'd like some help if possible... :)
« Yesterday, 21:23 »   net neutrality was just revoked, sorry amerifats
« Yesterday, 20:17 »   wagwaN PIFITING
« Yesterday, 19:45 »   hello all :)
« Yesterday, 19:43 »   Sup dhatni
« Yesterday, 19:25 »   good evening rin
« Yesterday, 08:28 »   Interesting new feature in latest steam version:_ 14 December - Steam Client Update Released A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded. General New feature: Shader Pre-Caching. Whenever possible, depending on hardware and driver support, Steam can download pre-compiled shaders for your specific video card. This reduces load times and in-game stuttering during the first few launches of OpenGL- and Vulkan-based games on supported hardware. This feature may use a small amount of additional bandwidth as Steam uploads and analyzes a shader usage report after each run of the game. The feature can be disabled via a new entry in the Settings dialog.
« Yesterday, 01:25 »   Woop Woop
« Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017, 17:10 »   don't know if I'm late writing this but Grim Fandango is free at GOG.com
« Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017, 16:39 »   it would be nice if there was an open source engine that could use multiple virus definitions (from different companies), a simple on demand scan never hurt anyone
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