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« Today, 14:37 »   hey i liked lady here me tonight. got some more similar ones. afk
« Today, 14:33 »   [[Please login to see this link.]] THE FUCKING LEGEND OF UPLIFTING GREECE
« Today, 14:29 »   [[Please login to see this link.]] for you love
« Today, 14:23 »   lol
« Today, 14:23 »   yeah it's fine. but did you just fart here.
« Today, 14:22 »   good times , though drugs then came and the scene closed.we got older too :P
« Today, 14:20 »   @dh@ni [[Please login to see this link.]] .... thats better ? :P
« Today, 14:16 »   uuh, nightfire what did you eat. knabberfee tl;dr -> Image
« Today, 14:13 »   from my childhood .... [[Please login to see this link.]]
« Today, 14:11 »   Image
« Today, 14:08 »   Wall of text, any tl;dr version of this?
« Today, 13:47 »   @McAule Oh, boy... You clearly can't take a joke (and this one's not even about you :? ). I mainly meant the mod work and things in general. Rui is lately first to tackle the issues users have and sorts stuff quickly and efficiently. Ofc. the others contribute and that's why RIN is such a great community. I simply made an observation in absence of machine, CS (who helped me countless number of times and is my fav mod (sorry Rui. XD)),... etc. and praised the man on a job well done. I don't see why you should be offended by my personal opinion, it's not like it matters :D. Job? Wouldn't know about that. Good thing I inherited billions and spend 24/7 here doing pirate-y stuff while my wife and kids desperately cry for some attention. :laughing: As for the matter of me "not contributing"... I already explained in the past why I can't share my whole lib (even though I wish I could), and you can thank my ISP for that. I try to help whenever I can. Don't need anyone recognizing that, don't care if they do or not. Well, that's all. Have a great day, m8s! :THUMBS UP: :DRINK:
« Today, 13:44 »   something funky , for a good tuesday ... [[Please login to see this link.]]
« Today, 13:29 »   go go upload crew Image
« Today, 13:17 »   And we appreciate your work McAule. I don't see sosilent contributing in any way so just ignore him.
« Today, 12:25 »   Still I share when I can and have spare time.
« Today, 12:25 »   @sossilent others are slacking? Well, you see there's a thing called work, life, wife and kids so, for example I can't sit here 24/7. And I work from afternoon to early morning. So yeah. Slacking.
« Today, 00:55 »   his good, last one hehe [[Please login to see this link.]]
« Today, 00:53 »   i dont know who jon hopkins is :P
« Today, 00:46 »   These guys remind me of Jon Hopkins and the first Extrawelt album
« Today, 00:46 »   weird progressive house sounds
« Today, 00:45 »   i see.check henry saiz , he mixed the new balance series
« Today, 00:41 »   Nope, has I said to many producers, the blogs I follow show at least 10 albums a day (90% is crap) too many humans with laptops. I’m checking those guys
« Today, 00:23 »   how about henry saiz?
« Today, 00:22 »   you dont know cattaneo ?
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