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« 9 minutes ago »   cool, a mediocre pc release, thanks M$
« 46 minutes ago »   Sunset Overdrive rated fir PC in Korea by Korean MS branch
« Today, 09:28 »   W4TCHD0GE are you there?
« Today, 09:23 »   ARK .manifest files_
« Today, 09:21 »   i want to install counter strike global offensive on my linux system for offline play. how do i do that?
« Today, 08:54 »   Anyone else get a Chrome security alert when viewing the first page of the Street Fighter X Tekken thread? I assume it's a signature link but I've loaded the page anyway and can't immediately see what's causing the alert. Here is a link to the 3rd page of the thread (I'm sure you all know how to find the first page :) ) viewtopic.php?f=10&t=70447&hilit=Street+Fighter&start=30
« Today, 08:47 »   Hey guys we need players! viewtopic.php?f=14&t=89216
« Today, 01:21 »   Yes it was and the release date is 25 May 2018
« Today, 01:00 »   Was confirmed months ago?
« Today, 00:31 »   Was Dark Souls: REMASTERED confirmed? If not, someone might have done a goof on Steam and accidentally added it... [[Please login to see this link.]]
« Yesterday, 21:00 »   I'm trying to get a copy of Prospekt, PiratePowered does not have a copy. The scene releases are an outdated version of the game. Can someone help me find an up to date copy?
« Yesterday, 18:45 »   hope you stick around ^^\
« Yesterday, 18:45 »   this gotta sound like a broken record by now, but I want to say it anyway: @machine4578, thanks for all your time and effort here on RIN
« Yesterday, 18:43 »   leave that to the twelve masters
« Yesterday, 17:34 »   Image
« Yesterday, 17:28 »   [[Please login to see this link.]] who own this site for they are doing great job with it and btw i have a question google drive have 15 gb limit how the hell they uploading every to gd ?
« Yesterday, 16:52 »   Hello, how does one play eu4 (bought) with cream api on multiplayer, when my friend joins it keeps saying connecting and gives an error in the end
« Yesterday, 16:13 »   Just realised they sort of do thats cool
« Yesterday, 16:12 »   Retired staff should have their own colour
« Yesterday, 16:08 »   Thanks @machine4578 recently knew that you'll be in the retired staff I do hope you will be blessed
« Yesterday, 12:50 »   Enjoy your free retirement time!
« Yesterday, 12:49 »   Thanks for everything you did in this community machine4578, you will forever stay in my heart <3
« Yesterday, 12:03 »   i said everyone but ofc pay attention to the age limit.It can adversely affect psychology.
« Yesterday, 11:57 »   i saw it from CPY when im checking the releases.They released the ''13 reason why''.The second season has just been released 2 i can recommend to everyone,it is a great show if you have not watched it already you should.
« Yesterday, 09:55 »   (-an)
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