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« 25 minutes ago »   Anyone want to update cogmind?
« Yesterday, 18:00 »   Same here, using qBit and it is very nice
« Yesterday, 17:02 »   correction - it seems they fixed that bug now lol
« Yesterday, 16:59 »   Don't know about the Private "Private" trackers, but all trackers I currently use (local country private ones, rutorrent and torrentleech) don't have any problems with it. The only bug I find is that it says incorrect sizes - uses 1000s instead of 1024s. :D
« Yesterday, 16:52 »   wish I could use qBT, but it has many bugs in a feature I really need
« Yesterday, 16:48 »   @ solomax - Pro: Tixati gets you a higher score in Scrabble. Con: Haven't seen Tixati whitelisted on many private trackers. (but some private trackers allow non-whitelisted clients as long as they're not on the blacklist).
« Yesterday, 16:33 »   viewtopic.php?f=10&t=87165
« Yesterday, 15:56 »   qbittorrent ;) old uT was dope, after another company takeover that app become a trash with ads, and with free and premium version ;)
« Yesterday, 15:00 »   @mantazzo, can you tell me more pros of Tixati vs uTorrent?
« Yesterday, 13:32 »   well shit, I depend on utorrent heavily
« Yesterday, 13:31 »   Eh, I use Tixati which is completely free and ad-free, so I don't really care about anything. :D
« Yesterday, 12:27 »   Seen this numerous times before as well. Whenever a new vulnerability is found in the newest uTorrents, some sites will immediately hit a 10 on the panic scale and ban all versions of uTorrent. Thankfully sanity usually prevails a few days later.
« Yesterday, 12:24 »   But then again my total ration is 0.027 because i dont wanna upload things XD
« Yesterday, 12:24 »   Typo. Last one should have read "@dh@ni "
« Yesterday, 12:23 »   good thing i dont use private trackers then. Used qbittorent for a while with optimal settings and couldnt get the speed i had with 2.2.1
« Yesterday, 12:23 »   @ ah@ni - It's only AnimeBytes and BakaBT that are overreacting that I can see. All other private trackers I'm a member of are just banning the newer uTorrent's
« Yesterday, 12:16 »   torrenting has become the shadiest activity ever now
« Yesterday, 11:34 »   it was to happen one day. private trackers crying security flaw. there is a workaround but client is already blacklisted. have to move to one of the allowed ones.
« Yesterday, 08:36 »   why dh@ani?
« Yesterday, 05:09 »   RIP utorrent 2.2.1. hello qbittorent.
« Yesterday, 03:55 »   17GB for an ancient isometric "remade" game is way too much. I have the C&C The First Decade and that collection takes up 17GB, albeit there are 12 games in there.
« Yesterday, 01:34 »   Hey
« Yesterday, 00:52 »   he curses on company because of game size 17 gb compared to other AAA games is piece of cake
« Yesterday, 00:52 »   [[Please login to see this link.]]
« Friday, 23 Feb 2018, 20:56 »   we get alot of games easier these days than 3-4 years before ;)
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