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Chat [ Log ]
« Today, 01:37 »   And many other games i played cracked and was happy that i had not bought them :D
« Today, 01:37 »   Yes, i got hyped for XR years ago, then got disappointed and never bought a game before "crack demo", if there were no legit demo at all
« Yesterday, 23:57 »   For some game news: Black Mesa delayed Xen AGAIN. Goddammit.
« Yesterday, 23:57 »   Anyway...
« Yesterday, 23:56 »   I learned from a few guys that you should never hype the game before release - if you don't want to be massively dissappointed, for example
« Yesterday, 23:55 »   Ofc not every game sure, but people are getting to much hyped they are too much crazy about some games, like there is no other things to do, or buy :D I guess they are some kids :D
« Yesterday, 23:52 »   yeah that is a terrible game, for AAA price
« Yesterday, 23:51 »   Look at No Man's Sky...
« Yesterday, 23:51 »   I mean, not every game is worth the money
« Yesterday, 23:51 »   Or something along those lines
« Yesterday, 23:51 »   Only blocked by major internet providers, so in 30 days the verdict could be "argued" (don't know the proper word in english), and they are planning to go for it since it could be a start for a proper censorship
« Yesterday, 23:50 »   Which one bt website
« Yesterday, 23:50 »   Never gonna understand people and they big desires, ok not everyone have $$ to buy it but come one you can split the game on 4 people ;)
« Yesterday, 23:49 »   In the local news (my local news), local anti-piracy organization is trying to get the biggest local torrent website (private) blocked
« Yesterday, 23:48 »   and any further ACO posts = auto ban
« Yesterday, 23:47 »   yep, its too bad there are soo many kids
« Yesterday, 23:47 »   it's because from CancerWatch, close registration and problem solved ;)
« Yesterday, 23:46 »   The daily amount of ACO/NFSP messages in the chatbox is not reducing, as I see :D
« Yesterday, 23:45 »   and banned
« Yesterday, 23:45 »   and like others reported, the steam version needs creamapi too
« Yesterday, 23:45 »   no i wont! bann me i have 20 throwaway emails and i get new ip with router reset
« Yesterday, 23:45 »   @blabla200 STOP with the ACO posts here.
« Yesterday, 23:45 »   IT IS NOT WORKING atleast 3or4 other people said so!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is a big diference between uplay and steam version okay??
« Yesterday, 23:29 »   ingame shop say unlocked but items do not show up in inventory.with 1.03 everything was in inventory
« Yesterday, 23:28 »   the unlocker works but we need updated 1.05 dlc files!
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