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Chat [ Log ]
« Today, 00:55 »   @Mr.Deviance i was talking about beta yes,it was released long time ago with quantum.Even it was in beta,it was faster than the full version of the time.
« Today, 00:49 »   I don't care about nightlies or beta versions, if that is what you mean. I only ever bother installing final versions.
« Today, 00:48 »   @Aiakos. How am I late to the party? 58 just got released yesterday.
« Today, 00:35 »   57 worked already pretty quick, but 58 seems to work even quicker. That's what I could call magic.
« Today, 00:34 »   Eh, I always wait until the browser updates automagically.
« Today, 00:32 »   and wtf is this ,is that real ? lmao [[Please login to see this link.]]
« Today, 00:31 »   yeah it is pretty fast but you are late to party :D :D
« Today, 00:27 »   Hot damn that page loading is way quicker, FF/Mozilla continues to amaze.
« Today, 00:24 »   Firefox finally got gud
« Today, 00:22 »   It doesn't just load sites much faster but it also changes from one site to another much faster and the pages all feel much more fluild when scrolling too.
« Today, 00:20 »   I don't know what magic they are pushing there but I am in awe at the speeds with which the sites load in FF58
« Today, 00:19 »   For the firefox fans out there, Firefox 58 is actually visibly faster than firefox 57 which is amazing to me.
« Yesterday, 23:31 »   a little birdie whispered to me.
« Yesterday, 23:30 »   yeah. how did you know it was this guy? memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=8
« Yesterday, 23:22 »   hmm does he have a 3 letter name in this forum.
« Yesterday, 23:12 »   no you don't :lol: or maybe you do? hmm.
« Yesterday, 22:57 »   we know who he is :JOKINGLY:
« Yesterday, 22:54 »   5Tb > 210 Gb
« Yesterday, 22:30 »   Anyway, thanks!
« Yesterday, 22:29 »   As I said, I have 210 GB on Y.D. But most of them used for my Windows MSDN ISOs collection, lol.
« Yesterday, 22:27 »   You can have more than 50 GB with a free account (MEGA). They have those "Bonis" you can earn by installing the MEGASync app as an example etc.. and it gives you a specific amount of GB for each step.
« Yesterday, 22:24 »   I know a guy that created more than 100 accounts on MEGA a few months ago. so he has like 5Tb of space spread through those accounts. not sure if it's still possible to do though.
« Yesterday, 22:23 »   Hello! Can you tell me about some clouds with really large limits? Just even if I will cleanup my Yandex Disk, it won't be really efficient. I think I can delete some older versions of my SCS uploads. FYI: I have 210 GB on Y.D total, but it's 10 GB free + 200 GB because of their epic fail.
« Yesterday, 22:21 »   Thank mr ahmadmob
« Yesterday, 22:13 »   @mantazzo, srrdb.com, predb.pw, predb.me, xrel.to
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