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Chat [ Log ]
« Today, 19:31 »   hazza81, use crack
« Today, 19:29 »   evening friends
« Today, 14:56 »   does anyone know how to crack steam if its possible, because the one i have when i copy the depocahe file and steam app files from the steam content sharing section still asks me to buy th game
« Today, 02:15 »   I didn't think google translate was that bad... Holy hell.
« Today, 01:34 »   anybody know the hex of latest steam public keys (in executable (I'm on linux))
« Today, 00:48 »   Please do not? I just want to update the script because I finish the script with Desiro ML - ÖBB Cityjet v1.1 and I have not even started!
« Today, 00:46 »   Because I do not know I have to google translator otherwise do not understand please though my understanding translate by the translator gogle from english to polish and understand please
« Today, 00:42 »   next time your posts will disappear and your warning counter will rise
« Today, 00:41 »   you're not even making an effort to speak in proper english
« Today, 00:37 »   What do my posts again show up so you help on this forum !!!
« Today, 00:32 »   Hey McAule. Welcome back. Just to state the obvious, there are feds right here right now, just so you know :)
« Today, 00:03 »   Welcome back McAule! :)
« Yesterday, 20:39 »   Welcome back from your holiday btw mate.
« Yesterday, 20:39 »   lava? lavagirl? is it you?
« Yesterday, 20:12 »   cool place he went to
« Yesterday, 20:00 »   "Cooled lava lakes look cool" Understatement of the week. Welcome back McAule!
« Yesterday, 19:43 »   Indeed it was mate. Cooled lava lakes look cool. Almost all terrain covered in lava from the last major eruption (1730-1736). Oasis, Cacti gardens, albino crabs... Cool stuff. :)
« Yesterday, 19:40 »   Sounds amazing :)
« Yesterday, 19:34 »   Cheers guys ;) I've been in Lanzarote (one of 7 main Canaries islands). Beautiful place, craters, volcanoes, palms, cacti, unique lagoons, camels, sea... Super polite and friendly people. Unbearable heat (at 11am - 34 degrees C), but I had a pool in my villa to keep me cooled down. I could go on and on ;) Lovely place.
« Yesterday, 19:27 »   "If you could also include your current address, phone number and social security number that would be great!" :laughing:
« Yesterday, 19:24 »   yeh, rin cartel wishes to know where one of it's members was getting tanned
« Yesterday, 19:21 »   "Hello, welcome back to the warez forum where you regularly upload pirated games! now give us a history of your physical location in the shoutbox of the front page!" :P
« Yesterday, 19:06 »   McAule, hi bro! Where did you rest?
« Yesterday, 19:05 »   to our beautifull greece :P
« Yesterday, 19:05 »   yeah mcaucle , if i am not weird , where have you been vacations ?:p
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