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Chat [ Log ]
« 16 minutes ago »   @dh@ni looks away
« Today, 02:26 »   I haven't perma banned somebody in a month or more. It's crazy! I am pretty sure there must be somebody that wants to make me happy today. Anybody?
« Today, 02:25 »   @noso2142 What's up boy toy? Want a little taste of ban? I can give you lots if you're thirsty.
« Yesterday, 23:11 »   Killing Floor (Original) is free to grab in Humble Bundle Store!
« Yesterday, 20:39 »   whysosrs
« Yesterday, 20:27 »   also fuck all the mods on this forum your all shit heads
« Yesterday, 20:27 »   yay SE4
« Yesterday, 16:57 »   Denuvo implemented or not, the game is still amazing, even back in the day. It had a perfect launch without any performance issues. Even DX12 gives increased performance on Nvidia cards when compared to DX11 due to async compute, which is rarely seen in AAA games. Also you're getting a 30 hour story, plus additional missions which last up to 2 hours each.
« Yesterday, 16:16 »   cause denuvo thats why
« Yesterday, 16:07 »   Don't understand that big hype for SE4 :lol:
« Yesterday, 15:59 »   post lots of*
« Yesterday, 15:58 »   yes i remember. i thought you were going to post of mega links again, only this time lot more. couldn't think that you had much bigger stuff coming.
« Yesterday, 15:23 »   and mercs213 in the gog thread
« Yesterday, 15:23 »   @dh@ni i teased it twice right here in the shoutbox :P
« Yesterday, 15:15 »   Well, STP seems to be on a hot roll now...
« Yesterday, 14:51 »   @sijax: Welcome to RIN! Short answer: they don't. Scene groups don't release anything to the public.
« Yesterday, 14:46 »   @sijax, google scene and how they work for your answer
« Yesterday, 14:45 »   GOD didn't see this coming.
« Yesterday, 14:43 »   what torrent site do steampunks release torrents on?
« Yesterday, 13:38 »   Hmm I guess you're not in a good mood today.
« Yesterday, 10:41 »   @rui No, he was one half of the rap duo "mobb deep". One of the pioneers in early 90s new york hardcore-rap. "The infamous" is considered a classic album amongst hip hop fans. I still have it on vinyl.
« Yesterday, 03:16 »   Everyone Can Manage Them After a Lost. If You Can't, Suicide!
« Yesterday, 02:22 »   It's ok. It's not like the blacks are going extinct any time soon.I think they can manage to lose one from time to time...
« Yesterday, 02:21 »   Death was more Gansgsta I guess xD
« Yesterday, 01:39 »   Sadly :(
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