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« Today, 15:46 »   Perfect =)
« Today, 14:41 »   Hello anyone there who wants to join our Discord Server, we can set up multiplayer games using Gameranger, you are free to join [[Please login to see this link.]]
« Today, 12:56 »   I don't see why anyone should post a web address of those fake scene websites in the forum. It's not rule breaking material "per se", but come on, everybody knows about those websites, so the information is kinda useless imo; anyone can reach them easily by googling the scene release tag. If we notice, however, the person that posts the link is doing it with the sole purpose of advertising their site, they will be dealt with; that's rule breaking material. And trust me, we'll know.
« Today, 10:28 »   Starship.Troopers.Traitor.of.Mars
« Today, 03:44 »   Well, CSGO have today 5th birthday!
« Today, 01:53 »   anyways it isn't scene release because the site says crack credit: Jarvis so in all likelihood they took files from here.
« Today, 01:51 »   @Sick_Mushroom, i don't follow VR games. so i checked the game thread, it seems Green Man was sending pm's for mirrors of his original gamerip. i assume he didn't want them taken down. but you say that site link was sent. i suppose you asked for pm, you got one.
« Today, 00:32 »   Avoid sites like: [[Please login to see this link.]]
« Yesterday, 23:36 »   CAN´T *
« Yesterday, 23:35 »   Green Man sent me that link via MP, im pretty sure it CABT be published in the forums (in public) ... but i was surprised because was published on 18 Aug and still not erased :v
« Yesterday, 23:32 »   if it's a scene release then Rui here will take care of it. the site tells me to disable my browser extensions which i'll not do
« Yesterday, 23:30 »   i think probably not
« Yesterday, 23:30 »   more easy ... xD ... the second comment in this page is admissible? ... viewtopic.php?f=38&t=80361&start=150
« Yesterday, 23:29 »   lol no
« Yesterday, 23:28 »   mmm i know by the rules ppl cant put links to scene releases in this forum ... but can they put links to pages dedicated to distribute them?
« Yesterday, 23:21 »   hmhm yeah we totally believe you
« Yesterday, 23:20 »   they mentioned their bangbus several times in their nfos guys. I'm not really the perv here :lol:
« Yesterday, 23:07 »   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
« Yesterday, 23:00 »   Bangbus??? Rui!!! ...
« Yesterday, 22:41 »   probably busy in their bangbus
« Yesterday, 20:24 »   What about STP? Are they still alive? :D
« Yesterday, 18:16 »   SKIDROW and DARKSIDERS use an emu that is based on a p2p source, instead of making one from scratch. That's against the rules, so the releases containing said emu are getting nuked.
« Yesterday, 18:13 »   Rui ...
« Yesterday, 18:02 »   Context on the recent nukes? Just curious.
« Yesterday, 17:41 »   nuke barrage
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