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Post Post subject: Puppet Kings   
Posted: Friday, 24 Nov 2017, 04:29   Reply with quote
I live here Три раза сломал клаву :)
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Steam: [[Please login to see this link.]]
Developer: Timba Games
Release Date: 2017


In a world where four races take turns to rule, the people don't want the current king to step down the throne. However the king will have to overcome The Judges, titanic monsters whose job is to prevent pretenders from ascending to the throne.

The player incarnates the king, a benevolent ruler loved by his people. The bad news is that he is old and out of shape and will need the help of his minions to fight the judges.

In their adventure to keep the throne, the King and his minions will travel towards the ancestors forge, the place where the judges were created. In their way the player will explore a land where fantasy and epicness are the theme.

Made by: Ronin

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