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Post Post subject: Hostage: Rescue Mission   
Posted: Sunday, 21 Jan 2018, 22:00   Reply with quote
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Hostage: Rescue Mission

Store Page: [[Please login to see this link.]]
Genre(s): Action, Strategy
Developer: Infogrames
Publisher: Classics Digital
Release Date: 4 Feb, 2018
Language(s): English*
*languages with full audio support
Operating system(s): Image

  • Image Single-player

About The Game
Special Alert: Terrorists have invaded our embassy and seized an undetermined number of hostages...Lives hang in the balance as high ranking diplomats are held at gunpoint...Their safety requires immediate action... prepare to infiltrate the embassy, neutralize the terrorists, and rescue the hostages, or die trying.

STAGE 1 - Set up strategic positions across from the Embassy. Be prepared to dive for cover if the terrorists spotlights turn your way.

STAGE 2 - Gain access to the Embassy. Rappel from the roof and crash through unguarded windows, keeping out of terrorist gun-sights.

STAGE 3 - Locate the hostages. Heavily armed terrorists control all three floors and must be neutralized before they can open fire.

STAGE 4 - Bring the hostages to safety. Their families - and the nation - are counting on you to succeed in this life-or-death operation.


• Control of six Assault Force team members

• Three difficulty levels, plus a training mission without hostages

• Superb graphics and sound effects

• Action, strategy, and suspense

System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: Pemtium 4
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Athlon 64 or later
  • Storage: 256 MB available space


Post Post subject: Re: Hostage: Rescue Mission   
Posted: Monday, 22 Jan 2018, 08:26   Reply with quote
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Am very surprised to see this game released on Steam (early Feb 2018) as it has been in the "Abandonware" domain for a long time....
Take your pick on which site to download from:
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[[Please login to see this link.]]

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