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Posted: Sunday, 12 Aug 2018, 11:54   Reply with quote
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Store Page: [[Please login to see this link.]]
Genre(s): Violent, Gore, Action, Adventure
Developer: 10 Chambers Collective
Publisher: 10 Chambers Collective
Release Date: 2018
Language(s): English*
*languages with full audio support
Operating system(s): Image

  • Image Multi-player
  • Image Online Multi-Player
  • Image Co-op
  • Image Online Co-op
  • Image Steam Achievements
  • Image Full controller support
  • Image Steam Cloud

About The Game
GTFO is a 4 player action/horror cooperative game for those looking for a real challenge.
Players get to play as a team of scavengers, forced to explore and extract valuable artefacts from a vast underground complex that has been overrun by horrifying monsters. Gather weapons, tools and resources to help you survive - and work to unearth the answers about your past and how to escape.

  • 4 player cooperative PvE gameplay that puts you and your teammates through the ultimate co-op test.
  • Together, explore treacherous environments that are both creepy and enchanting.
  • Plan your expedition, equip and operate tools, combine your firepower, communicate and coordinate as a team - every detail counts if you are to survive the nightmare.
  • GTFO’s Expedition Director throws players into new challenging situations in every play session.
  • The Expedition Director controls every single parameter of the experience, derived from a hand tailored data set.
  • Come prepared! Search the complex for better gear to take on new, harder challenges.
  • Characters and dialog written by Adam Gascoine.
  • Nightmarish atmosphere accompanied by music from acclaimed composer Simon Viklund.

System Requirements
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: TBC
  • Processor: TBC
  • Graphics: TBC

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: TBC
  • Processor: TBC
  • Graphics: TBC


Post Post subject: Re: GTFO   
Posted: Saturday, 25 Aug 2018, 01:39   Reply with quote
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