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Post Post subject: About the PacMan thread.   
Posted: Monday, 28 Jan 2008, 22:10   
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I saw the pacman war declared thread and just thought I would have to give my opinion. Sorry I realize the thread is closed and you guys probably don't even want to think about it but I just felt I had to. Dont take me wrong please.

PacMan his not that bad is just to blinded with that NWO stuff and makes him not have anything nice and cheerfull to talk about. But spamming this forum with NWO shit isn't nice :roll: .
People realize this things are true. But most dont give a shit until they have to bare with it sooner or later but that does not mean every forum has to have this unresting and anguished reality all over.

I cant read news papers without feeling depressed but I just wont take action cos I really dont know anyone to personaly take action. I mean not kill them but make them come to their senses.
Drug dealers, weapon dealers, murderors, corrupt politicians etc...
I just dont know this people. Has most people. And we just want some peace of mind and if things are at our reach we do it.

I personaly like is NWO forum and it has lots of interesting things.
I like this forum too cos you guys are just pro crackers and are doing your share in giving what should be from all and at reach of all people, rich or poor. Culture and entertainment should be available to all simple. If I have money I support the original if I dont I have the right to have this things too.

The best thing you could do his to make a repack from cs.rin.ru with all of your creations equal to his repack so people wont have to use other guys thing if it's your work. People just dont want to spawn or read 300 posts to figure how to have working cracked steam with games. Do it simple guys.


Post Post subject:    
Posted: Monday, 28 Jan 2008, 22:28   
I live here Три раза сломал клаву :)
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there is no simple way..

no diggity


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Posted: Monday, 28 Jan 2008, 22:33   
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sry but what do you want to tell us?!


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Posted: Monday, 28 Jan 2008, 22:42   
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Sorry Juba_PornBorn you have got it all wrong.

This forum is not about right and wrong or about free speech.
It is about what is best for this community period.
This forum does not target any particular social class, it simply runs as you see it runs provided AS IT IS!
If somebody tries to disturb the way this forum runs in any way, shape or form, the staff of this forum will take actions against it as they see fit no questions asked.

So I respect your curiosity on the matter but rin has no interest to rival other random communities like pacman's.

There is no debate over this subject.

Topic closed!


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Posted: Monday, 28 Jan 2008, 23:19   
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I can see that some things are not clear, but we're a community that has its limits of serving people that don't know much. Our goal is not to provide the world with easy one-click cracked Steam all games bla bla. If you want to have this stuff up and running, there has to be some effort and basic understanding coming from you. We believe it is not that hard and we try our best to make it less confusing, but we will not do it all retard-proof.
If Pacman wants to do that, no problem. But not with our stuff. If you can't take your time to get into all this, don't bother with Steam. What we do here is we're developing and thinking of new ways to deliver Steam games for free, possibly up to date. Nothing more, nothing less.

Steam cracking and emulating isn't as simple as other warez are.

Everything else has been said by Mr.Dev.


For questions and concerns regarding forum policy, contact a moderator first. I may not always reply to such PMs.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 5 posts ] 

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