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Post Post subject: [SERVER/CLIENT TOYS] - ViTYAN's Projects   
Posted: Saturday, 24 May 2008, 18:47   Reply with quote
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This thread is only about eSTEAMATiON and VUP.
If you prefer other server cracks/emulators, check out the
[DL] Patches for Dedicated/Listen Servers

[[Please login to see this link.]]
NOTE: To open the archive you MUST use 7-zip 9.XX Beta(Not 4.65!) or latest WinRAR coz this rlz archive uses LZMA2 compression method!!

Special credits of TF2 Items stuff flying out to bir3yk.
Credits for bug reports and testing help since RC5 flying to:

Legacy 1.X versions:
[[Please login to see this link.]]
[[Please login to see this link.]]

[[Please login to see this link.]]
[[Please login to see this link.]]


2.0 RC9 UPDATE-1
1) Added support for latest steamclient.dll versions from Steam.
2) Fixed issue in OpenPtch ABI_2 handling of text blocks with odd length.
2а) The bug resulted in breakage of Steam isolation in INIT system on Windows.
3) Linux libraries building now accomplished by linking in with external older GNU libc(2.10.1) library taken from Ubuntu Karmic repositories.
The cause is STT_GLIBC_IFUNC extension first appeared in GNU libc 2.11 and newer. New extension resulted in ELF OSABI become set to
OSABI_LINUX(3) instead of OSABI_SYSV(0) and more than that resulting binary was incompatble with systems using older GNU libc(So HEX editing the ELF header didnt fix the issue as binaries was not compatable anyway with GNU libc < 2.11 based systems).
4) In WIN32 directory of release archive ive now added SCI_CL subfolder which contains client's version of eST to use with TF2 Items Visibility Tools(Prior to this release this library only supplied with TF2 Visibility Tool packages which got released quite rarely).
Now this library will be update with each eST's release(Server and Client one are built from the same codebase and even more - from the same project).
2.0 RC9
1) Added support for latest items system for TF2(Credits to bir3yk - our items geek) to SCI/STEAM3.
2) Added support for latest steamclient 2009 from bir3yk with TF2 items to SCI/STEAM3(Client uses new list format).
3) Added support for steamclient 2009 builds of bir3yk with 152-byte tokens(The same old RevEmu 4-Th Gen from eST_STEAM2 module) to SCI/STEAM3.
4) Updated CB-Control heuristics to be more strict(fail if something is suspicious or inconsistent). Crash of L4D2-Windows with Callback COntrol enabled with RC8
is exsmple of this fixed bug.
5) Added support for lateset steamclient libraries(Especially for L4D2)
6) Fixed buffer overflow vulnerability then client provides some item in it's list not present in server's eST XIS-DB. [SECURITY]
7) Fixed erroneus free during NSNet server thread start-up on Windows. [STABILITY]
8 ) Massive update of Callback Control extension:
8a) Console output of Calback Control is now configurable(New option: LogCallbackControlSystem)
8b) Filtration messages now include SteamID of target client
8c) Filter now check client's Steam level(NonSteam client's will not get Steam-only callbacks filtered and vice-versa)
8d) Additional configurable Callback Threshold protection - If one callback gets sent multiple times to the same client it will be transmitted to the client(not filtered)
8e) Callbacks targeted at already disocnnected clients are no more filtered
9) New Engine Callback Bypass extension provides alternative to Callback Control and implemets the same classic behavious as UP/VUP/UGSP did.
10) All components updaed to new OpenPtch 2.0 librray and using it's new ABI(Which allows to get x7-x20 performance game on lookups , especially on large files and patterns). This should add performance gain to eST's heuristics system.
10a) OpenPtch 2.0 also has old issue which presented in old ABI_1 as well fixed - Errrors finding patterns with nested optional blocks. This error
caused Callback Control heuristics failure on UE 2.5 engine based servers(KF/RO) and thus Callback Control wasnt avtive and clients received error ESteamDeny 14.
11) Client disconnection messages are now only printed if enabled via config (New option: LogSTATSDisconnectedSpecial).
12) Linux libraries are again built on old good Debian system.
Static linking now works good again and all libs are static(And ofc a little big).
12а) Updated components: EGlibC 2.11.2, OpenSSL 1.0.0d, liblzma 5.0.2.
13) Removed SETTI bot scanner support.
14) Additional small fixes and improvements.

2.0 RC8 UPDATE-1
1) Fixed serous bug with Callback Control and its related heuristics in HEUR engine related to latest OrangeBox/L4D2 update(>= 20.11.2010) which made eST to semi-break the callback system mainly killing important 0x73(VAC availability) callback. God knows why its not caused crashes but anyway :)
2) SC2009 2-Nd Gen With NS Items client is now enabled by default(With Items restricted) coz it tries to use items on non-TF2 too(example L4D2).
Additionaly this client is now showed in Security Policy print-up for non-TF2 games.
3) Removed over-debugging messages from Items and TZ DB Parsers so SCI.log doesnt fill will tons of junk then Debug Logging is active.
2.0 RC8
1) Update INIT system for compatability with BreakPad subsystem(Cause of known VAC dropping problem).
NOTE: In TF2 20.11.2010 update Valve changed something and now it works better in old mode(In new mode VAC is completely N/A).
Read the new eST's config file for more info.
2) Added support for latest steamclient libs for all currently supported games.
3) Added latest Steam support(eST_SCI_CL for TF2 Items Visibility Tool).
4) Update of Coordinator Control subsystem to support LoadlOut in latest steamclient versions. Credits: bir3yk
5) Added support for items Painting and Renaming - Big thx to bir3yk for info and Jeka1980 for his legit Items :)
6) Resolved several vulnerabilities in Steam3 authentication for some clients.
7) Support for renaming/paintning of items for RevEmu clients and in REV-DB .BIN files - Cheerz to bir3yk for info.
8 ) New equipemnt storage format XIS(eXtended Items Storage) with native attributes/renaming support and support for powerfull
BZIP2 and LZMA2 compression algorithms + own special XIS-TICKET to transfer enhanced items info via Steam3 ticket.
9) New Valve validation time correction functions(More info on Installation Manual - Section 9).
10) Workaround for "Assertion Failed: m_dwThreadID == ThreadGetCurrentId()" with special new function in Callback Control subsystem.
11) Support for latest Setti bot scanner in standard (Not alternate) mode.
12) NSNet 1.2 Protocol:
12.1) Multithreaded clients servicing.
12.2) Native BZ2 and LZMA2 compression support on protocol level.
12.3) Support for client preauthentification - TF2 Items Visibility Tool/eST_SCI_CL clients can approve their items directly via NSNet
bypassing Steam3 Ticket and its restrictions.
12.4) Fixed problem there SteamUp/AVSMP clients with own tickets will fail to AUTH on NSNet server(Ofc not a protocol problem but instead general eST_SCI bug).
12.5) Native support for Items painting and renaming in single mode and during connection to game server.
12.6) Items duplication support of XIS DB's(Then client-size items indexation is working in XIS DB).
12.7) More tuning of protocol via config file.
13) Items duplication support in XIS - You can safely have several copies of some item and use any of the copies without conflicts.
(Client: TF2 Items Visibility Tool/eST_SCI_CL 2.0 RC8+ Server: eSt_SCI 2.0 RC8+).
14) Added support for latest Setti bots to eST_STEAM2.
15) Added full support for Unknown,Legit Simulating and Non-Steam simulating clients to eST_SCI.
16) Support of upcoming sc2009 with compressed Items list.

2.0 RC7
1) Actual status of extensions is now printed in console as well(In addioton to their config-status)
2) IP addresses of clients on GoldSource and UE 2.5(KF/RO) servers are now properly displayed(Not reversed anymore).
3) Steam ID on UE 2.5(KF/RO) engine based servers are now printed in their own format and not in standard Valve's format.
4) UE 2.5 engine based servers are now supported by Callback Control extension.
5) Callback Control shows more information about "No Steam Logon" errors and all filtetring information is now stored in the SCI.log as well.
6) Added support for the latest steamclient libraries for everything including LoadOut.
7) CFG folder in release archive splitted into 2 internal CFG folders, each inside WIN32 and LINUX folders.

2.0 RC6
1)Fixed broken automatic eST server's isolation on Windows(RC5 regression).
2)Fixed some items skipping and Soldier medal blocking in new automatic TF2 items parser.
RC5 detection quality: 85/97. RC6 detection quality: 97/97, 100/100.
3)Fixed error in item-type detection in automatic TF2 items parser.
4)Fixed incompatability of eST_SCI with Windows 2000 OS.
5)Extended NSNet protocol with Star-topology Broacasting to support multiple NSNet servers
nehind NAT or on same machine.
6)Fixed issue(TF2 Items Visibility Tool Client/Server) changing equipent during connection to the server
then items DB on the server has different order of items than on the client(For example if new items parser is
used on the server)
Server must be upgdated to at least 2.0 RC6 and TF2 Items Visibility Tool on the client must be updated to at least v2.1.
7)Fixed problem removing an item during connection on TF2 Items Visibility Tool(eST_SCI_CL).
8 )Option's AcceptSteamUpAndAVSMPClientsWithNSItems values DropWithCustomReason and AcceptButDisableExtendedItems
didn't work.
9)Added error checking to nitialization code of NSNet Server(Server) and NSNet client(eST_SCI_CL from TF2 tems Visibility Tool package).
10)Bumped NSNet protocol version to 1.1. This will block previous TF2 Items Visibility Tool v2.0 clients
from changing their equipment during connection due to changes in fix (6).
11)Updated static OpenSSL in eST_SCI and eST_STEAM2 on Windows(Change from RC5 - Just forgot to notice it)
12)Fixed options AcceptRevCrewSteamUpClients and RejMsgRevCrewsSteamUp(In config files they still had
old AcceptRevEmuSteamUpClients and RejMsgRevЕмюSteamUp names) which got those new names since RC3(or RC4 ...).
13)Fixed same names for config handling functions in eST_SCI,eST_STEAM2 and eST INIT modules.
This caused a big regression on some servers and config was zeroed-out(Everyone was dropped).
I've only found such behaviour on KF-Linux. Now in everyone of those 3 modules those functions have module type prepedned to the base-name,
so they don't collide and Linux's dynamic loader mistype is no more possible.
14)Updated config and manuals.

2.0 RC5
1) Fixed incorrectly working option which specifies behaviour of eST_STEAM2 regarding Steam clients which failed validation on Valve's servers.
2) Fixed bug in verification of SC2009 2-Nd Gen(STEAM3)/RevEmu 4-Th Gen(STEAM2). Thx: bir3yk for finding it.
3) Added extended validation of SC2009 1-St Gen clients. Thx: bir3yk for info.
4) Rewritten TF2 inventory(Items) handling code on eST servers - Now much more stable.
5) Added automatic TF2 items parser which allows eST to use all TF2's items without items_440.bin file.
6) Removed debugging RunCallbacks messages in Init System - they only filled-up the log and prevented it's efficient analyze.
7) Client-Monitor - eST now always knows which clients connected to the server. eST will now inform you then client disconnects as well.
8 ) Support of my new special TF2 client: Legit and Cracked Steam With NS Items and SteamUP/AVSMP With NS Items.
9) SC2009 1-St Gen/SC 2009 2-Nd Gen in TF2 now split into 2 clients each - Typical and "With NS Items"(With LoadOut Items).
10)New NSNet service with password based STEAM3 pre-authentication - New revolutinary protocol of communication btw Non-Steam clients and server.
My new clients with items utilize this protocol to inform the server about their own Items changes.
11)Catches new variations of SETTI bot scanner + adds special option for alternate bot-catching.
12)Updated manuals.

2.0 RC4
1) Fixed possible buffer overflow vulnerability in config parser. Triggered by UTF8-BOM config file. Rep:[PL]Sajmon
2) Configurable LogFile Debugging(instead of separate modules).
3) Dynamic configurable Custom-Reject(Instead of REGULAR/HUGEREJ pairs). More economical memory and callback traffic usage.
4) MiniCertPatch extension to allow steamclient-less clients to get to AUTH system without being stopped by "Steam certificate length error(0/2048)!"
5) Support for "Unknown TokenLess Client" in eST_SCI and eST_STEAM2(The one which mentioned in (4)).
6) New BINCACHE system with magic,version and new SHA-512 hash instead of SHA-1.
7) Fixed non-working first weapon from items_440.bin on eST servers(For official items_440.bin it's Medics KrietsKrieg gun) on TF2.
8 ) items_440.bin on TF2 is now searched in platform/ folder as well(in addition to looking in cfg folder) for sc2009 compatability - May be this change made already
* in 2.0 RC3-U1 but i don't remember exactly.
9) Empty-Text protection in Custom-Reject system. Valve's engine code will not drop the client if reason is empty string. Now eST check for this and drops with
* "eSTEAMATiON: This client has been restricted by security policy" string in this case(Restricted client should not get in - dot).
10) Automatic RunTime eST Isolation for Windows - Extension which is designed to prevent concurently running Steam/RevEmu/eST clients/servers to break
* normal operation of server powered by eST 2.0 RC4. This is the only extension from a bunch of extensions which is enabled by default(First it was designed as
* always activated function but as Dynamic Debug-File Logging feature appeared and config support was added to INIT system due to this ive also added config
* for this extension to enable or disable it accordingly ).
11) Steam clients in eST_STEAM2 now validated via eST's internal client's ticket.
12) Steam clients which failed to authenticate via Valve's AUTH servers on eST_STEAM2 are now can be configured for few possible actions(Reject,Custom
* Reject,ID by IP,ID by Time, Pending). Previously only one action was available - Pending.
13) SC2009 1-St Gen has been removed from eST_STEAM2(I don't think that this client existed for Steam2).
14) SC2009 2-Nd Gen was rebranded to RevEmu 4-Th Gen in eST_STEAM2(Not in eST_SCI STEAM3) and it's support has been fixed(RC3 didn't support them
* properly on eST_STEAM2).
15) Fixed SteamAPI_UseBreakpadCrashHandler function in INIT system.
16) Added new SteamAPI_SetBreakpadAppID function to INIT system - first appeared in new TF2/CSS:Beta update.
17) Updated manuals.

1)Added support for latest steamclient.so for TF2-Linux,DOD:S-Linux.
2)Fixed support for steamclient.dll for KF-Win.
3)Fixed error causing buffer overflow which leads to start-up crash of GoldSource-Linux server.
4)Updated manuals.

2.0 RC3 WWII-Win EDiTiON
1)Fully functional logging system(Logging to server logs now fully working).
2)Full validation of Steam clients on Steam3 including cryptographic Valve's signatures, and token<->AppID relation check.
3)RevEmu 4-Th Gen Client has been eliminated. It was merged with SteamClient 2009(They are the same one).
4)Added support for upcoming SteamClient 2009 2-Nd Gen(not available publicly right now). Credits for information: shmelle.
5)Added LoadOut support for TF2. Credits for important information and specs: shmelle, bir3yk.
6)Added Callback Control extension allowing eST to work with un-mofiied engines(Just like XEN and Windows).
7)Starting with this release ZPS is officially FULLY supported - Support for Non-Steam is driven by Extended Steam2 Authentication extension in SCI.
8 )Starting with this release L4D1 for Linux is officially fully supported.
9)The greatest and newest versions of L4D2,TF2 и CS:S Beta are now fully supported.
10)Added TimeID feature - If it is enabled, then client's which doesn't have unique ID support will get their ID's generated from their authentication/join time
instead of IP address. This can be useful to support large group of clients which seats behind NAT and connects with one public IP address.
11)SteamClient 2009 and SteamClient 2009 2-Nd Gen clients now supported in eST_STEAM2 too.

2.0 RC2:
Too many fixes and new features to list them all here.
2.0 PreRC2 STAGE-4
Completely new startup system: No VLDR,Special Steam.DLL's and other stuff required anymore.
Lots of cleanups in the old STEAM2-AUTH code and new STEAM3 SCI code(Since latest public versions).
Fully modularized.
Full support for STEAM3 servers(via eSTEAMATiON SCI subsystem) - Includes TF2,DOD:S,L4D1,L4D2. GoldSource is not yet supported but soon it will get in too.
Full support for legacy STEAM2 subsystem(via eSTEAMATION STEAM2-AUTH subsystem).
Full support for wide range of new clients: RevEmu 2Nd Gen and 3Rd Gen,RevCrew SteamUp, SteamUp/AVSMP, Setti's STEAM3 bot scanner.
Removed SharedID feature coz it is useless
SteamEmuCompat only applies to SteamEmu and HookEmu now.
Added complete custom messages for clients rejecting.
Added diffirentized support of Legit Steam vs Cracked Steam in STEAM3 SCI subsystem
Added BINCACHE feature: Instead of scanning the steamclient each startup it will only be scanned during first run after installation and first run after pulling gameserver update from the net which installas a new version of steamclient(BINCACHE consistency protection). This feature was a neccesary move as each scan can take as long as half of the minute so consider the slowdown(And quite high CPU usage + new scans every map change) to be quite harmfull.

Added implementation and support for eSTEAMATiON SemiSteam Client(include adavanced native AUTH).
With SemiSteam clients Source 2007 servers will move forward.
Added support for unknown clients which uses common properties of known emulators.
FIXED: Client got different IDs with different emus even if SteamEmu Compatability Mode was turned on. Thanks to warezz for reporting this.
CREDITS: ChrisTX,Andy and Python1320 for testing.

FIXES: Legit Steam clients could join the server even if rejected by policy then Unknown clients are enabled.

All manuals have been updated to represent the latest changes and be compleant with latest structures of the system.
Unknown clients which try to simulate Steam clients(like old RevEmu) are now supported as special type of clients.
Special option which will log types of dropped clients and allow admins to always know this information.
HookEmu 3.51+ New ticket is now supported. It shares the same client allow/drop option AcceptHookEmuClients.
New advanced clients reject mode will let clients to bypass first validation stage and drop them during advanced process later.
If turned on eSTEAMATiON servers can infiltrate to setti's master servers list even if you just drop all client out.
New Steam.dll(Double-DLL) design feature for Windows version of eSTEAMATiON 1.7 brings full logging and security capabilities to windows too(prior to this release Steam clients could not be filtred out). New design has one additional advantage: You can put eSTEAMATiON libraries into your Steam/Cracked Steam folder(For cracked Steam apply your favourite patch to Steam.dll from eSTEAMATiON Package) and every game youll start from it will have eSTEAMATiON powered listen server(You'll need to patch engine from local cache with VUP).
HL1-Linux(Not amd64) has full logging support now(i hope :D)
Steam.dll's from Source/Source 2007 are now based on latest Steam.dll file from Valve.
Andy - for porting Ressourcector's german manual to updated manual and additional setti testing.

Fixed 2 security vulnerabilities which could crash the server(one of them activated by old RevEmu client emulators)
Fixed SHARED_ID option didnt applied to new Non-Steam and WON client types
Removed in-emu WON support on Source/Source 2007 builds
Added Setti server scanner to default built-in config(in case you dont put the config file with installation). For HL1 build WON clients support will be turned on in built-in config.
To properly support SHARED_ID's Big engine pack was updated too and includes now 2 main directories: One with engines from previous 1.5 pack and 2nd with the same engines patched to support multiplications of ID's on the server.
VUP update for Source based engines to remove "double-ID" protection will follow in coming weekend.
Ive copied the buggy Steam.dll file for Source again in 1.5 and now in 1.6 ive finally put the normal one :D
Some code improvements and optimizations
II) jamess - for important security report.
ChrisTX - for hard and cool testing. It was cool to work with ya ;)

NEW: Support for setti server scanner as independent client
NEW: Support for Legacy SteamEmu(< 3.75) clients
NEW: Support for -nosteam(WON) HL1 clients
NEW: Released Engines Pack for HL1 admins(with 2783 and newest engines with my latest clean patches and new unique vulnerability fix)
FIXED: Source Linux build was not functional with Source 2007 engine. Made a separate library in new folder "Source 2007 Engine" with engine which can be run on server. This library also includes additional 3 functions which are only available in Source 2007 ticket library. NOTE:Clients still lack auth support so dont be too stupid to install now. Use engine patches instead.
Bug in Source Steam.dll file which lead to server crash during start-up.
Improved new ID generation system(added in 1.1). Tested bans with banid/writeid/removeid. Works just fine and IDs written correctly to bans cfg file
2)cintX - for providing link to 2738 WIN32 engine(ie CS 1.6 v15 install package)
3)Python1320 - lil testing
4)MadMakz/warezz for providing setti server scanner information

Added new auth config parameter to make SteamID permanent regardless of used client emulator(in 99% cases)

First release with initial set of good features

eSTEAMATiON is advanced and flexible Steam emulator which ive designed especially for Valve's dedicated servers.
It comes with built-in support of SteamEmu(hCupa),RevEMu(shmelle/Mitsukarina) and HookEmu(cintX) and able to authorize them by their UniqueID's or ID's from IP. Legit clients are supported too and can be authenticated via Valve(real IDs) or offline via emu(IP-IDs). Unknown client emulators are supported too and can be assigned ID's by IP.
You have advanced security policy which you can configure to allow or drop specific types of clients(For example disable SteamEmu clients or disable Legit Clients).
There is also an option to assign all Non-Steam clients one shared ID which you can set in config file too(requested by jamess).

eSTEAMATiON release archive includes paraemulators for Windows(For HL1 and Source/Source 2007 engines) and full native Linux emulators(For HL1 and Source/Source 2007).
For installation instructions read the installation manuals in release archive(3 manuals in English,Russian and German languages are available).

To prepare your engines for integration use VUP(version >= 2.0 Beta 4) with -esteamation-prep flag and if you want to kick Cracked Steam clients to secure new ID system add -esteamation-no-cracked-steam switch too.

1) ChrisTX and Python1320 for testing assistance(from client-side)
2) RessourectoR for helping with english manual improvement and
for making german translation
3) impulse666 for latest tests and assistance in critical bug detection(this bug would get into final release unnoticed without you imp :) )
and for finding my typos in russian man.
4) CintX(RBPFC) - For helping out :)
5) warezz - For reporting about ID diffs between emu's
6) MadMakz - For pointing out to VUP's 2.0 beta 4 bug.

I hope i didnt forgot anyone :)
[[Please login to see this link.]]
pass:csmania OR csmania.ru


Supports the following engines:
Epic Games Unreal Tournament 3
id Software ETQW
Infinity Ward Call Of Duty 4
Valve Source(CSS/HL:DM/HL2/HL2:EP1)
Valve Source 2007(TF2/DOD:S/HL2:EP2)
Valve Source 2007 U1(L4D)
Valve GoldSrc Classic Listen
Valve GoldSrc SteamWorks(CS 1.6/CS:CZ/OP/TFC/HL:DM/HL1
Valve Steamclient,Server,GameUI and SteamUI Libraries
eSTEAMATiON integration mode for Valve's Servers

[[Please login to see this link.]]

Based upon classic CS 1.6 V19.
Reporting Protocol 48 as a aclient and as a listen server.
Memory problem(Available memory is less than 15MB) on machines with 4GB or more RAM is removed(In supplied hw.dll)
Official CS 1.6 V19 Full update patch is included in the archive.
Works with CS 1.6 Sourceworks servers patched with supplied in release archive.

1) FIXED:Inability to create listen server
2) NEW: CS 1.6 V35 RESSOURECTiON Engine is now in archive too
3) Master server is switched to new one(to acquire list of SteamWorks Protocol 48 servers instead of old ones)
4) Master request restart message is removed for Listen servers.

IN .NFO file
To create cracked listen server youll need CS 1.6 V35 - DZ + hw.dll From Client v35 folder in the release archive.
Youll also need VUP 2.0 RC1 TRUNK/SVN 2.11.2008 02.15 AM.
Then patch hw.dll(The one from the relase archive) as following:
vupARCH.exe -force-game-type=vlvhl1classic hw.dll
Server will accept all clients except v19-WON client in sv_lan 0 mode and all clients in sv_lan 1 mode.

Servers can crash during connection attempt.
To temporary secure your server until Valve fixes this issue(if they will at all...) get this Release update for your HLDS Protocol 48:
[[Please login to see this link.]]
UPDATE: Install latest server updates from Valve to fix this issue. You dont need this patch anymore.

[[Please login to see this link.]]

[[Please login to see this link.]]

VUP and OpenPtch Founder/Developer

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Posted: Saturday, 24 May 2008, 18:50   Reply with quote
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So, you finally released it :yum-yum:

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Posted: Saturday, 24 May 2008, 18:56   Reply with quote
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kewl, finally it's there! :)
now we only need a client side emu that can generate Src2007 SteamIDs :D


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Posted: Saturday, 24 May 2008, 19:09   Reply with quote
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Works great :P, If user changes hes Ip then hes steamid will be changed to or it will be the same what was beforce ip change?


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Posted: Saturday, 24 May 2008, 19:11   Reply with quote
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dont know much about this stuff because i dont play or have a game-server, but looks nice anyway! thanks ;D

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crp wrote:
Works great :P, If user changes hes Ip then hes steamid will be changed to or it will be the same what was beforce ip change?

Depends on the client emu but..no, there are some implementations which keep your id over ip changes. But yeah, there is a possibility (big one) that your id might change after ip change...
And with steam.. you can always create a new account to change your id.

Cheaters, gtfo :roll:

EDIT: Going to try this now in my source 2007 garrysmod cardboard serverbox :P

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wow, i must test it soon as possible... (
"To prepare your engines for integration use VUP" is for HL2 admins and

"Dont integrate the emulator now" if for us right? :) )

this could be a bomb...

Protocol 47&48 Client Guide: [[Please login to see this link.]]
In CS retirement ;)


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Awesome work man!

But dutch isnt german ;)


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That thing about supporting unknown emulators and the ability to control what kind of clients can join just sounds so advanced and great :D

Great job on this, I'm sure it'll make things a lot easier for non-steam communities.


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Changed dutch to german. My fault :D

You can change your IP 200 times - your ID will not change(ask Chris about ban ive gave him during testing :D)
In 99% of cases even switching to another emulator will not change your ID :D

Cracked Steam are problematic one so ive added -esteamation-no-cracked-steam switch to VUP(ive wrote it in the post) so they will be kicked with a well known "This Steam account does not own this game" error. patching without this switch will allow them to join.

Unfortunately youve got it right :( For new engines this process clearly done by new VUP but for HL1 i dont have anything currently except my internal engine_i686.so...
Anyway ive tested even amd64 build and works just fine.
The Big pack will come in coming days and will include two folders WON and NOWON... Engines from first will let old clients(-nosteam) in and assign them VALVE_ID_LAN while NOWON engines will kick them with a well known "Invalid CD Key" error and will accept only Steam clients.
So just wait a little and if you cant stand on i can PM you engine_i686.so :D

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omg nice vityan666 8). Now if you cant make vac to ban cheaters in nosteam server then this wold be realy awsome :O(but I think its impossible :cry: )! but nice job vityan666 (Y)


hm strange problem for me in my server, it kicks people and says this to reason "Steam connection lost"


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Steam connection lost

HL1 engine server?
You can not answer coz ive tested source against it... hold my non-steam client 5 hours on the server. This eeror occurs only on HL1 servers. Please read the first post again carefully... You can read jamess's post too(he knows to read good) ...


Impossible ;)
VAC is useless anyway(Coz Valve is very good company and cares of its consumers more than to money :D :D) :D Real Admin's ban is the only solution :)

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vityan666 wrote:
You can change your IP 200 times - your ID will not change(ask Chris about ban ive got him during testing :D)
In 99% of cases even switching to another emulator will not change your ID :D

That would be realy great...

vityan666 wrote:
Engines from first will let old clients(-nosteam) in and assign them VALVE_ID_LAN while NOWON engines will kick them with a well known "Invalid CD Key" error and will accept only Steam clients.
So just wait a little and if you cant stand on i can PM you engine_i686.so :D

I will wait for final stuff.. I envy to source users for whole VUP, especially -esteamation-no-cracked-steam is very cool and usefull option, but anyway, esteamation sounds promising (almost static IDs for public, and option to set static shared IDs for CW ;)

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So... its like revolution's THE EMULATOR , but now for linux too?

sory for stupid qustion (no XPwith VUP), what files i must patch(source engine)?


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revolution's THE EMULATOR

Actually not at all. RevEmu is primarily clientside emulator and its server's one only supports unique IDs of its own clients. Lack of proper linux support is weak point too. eSTEAMATiON has all the features needed for server administrators currently.

You'll need to patch your engine_*.so files ;)

VUP and OpenPtch Founder/Developer

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