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Post Post subject: Forum Rules [last updated: 30.08.18]   
Posted: Thursday, 30 Aug 2018, 22:40   
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Forum Rules
For feedback, questions or any concerns regarding these rules, send a PM to the moderator usergroup.

- By using the forum, you state that you agree with these rules and that you have understood them. If not, you may leave.
- Not reading the rules is a rules violation 8-)
- All registered users are bound by these rules.
- All rules that apply to posts also apply to the shoutbox.

30.08.18 - Steam Family Sharing added to § 4.5
15.08.18 - § 4.8 clarification: referring to other warez sites as sources is allowed
12.08.18 - Warez rule § 4.8 rewritten: Clear definition of allowed content; warez in general now forbidden
11.07.18 - monetizing link redirectors now forbidden via § 6.4
05.07.18 - new rule § 3.8 on private information, removed related punishment, minor fixes - thanks to Calahan and CAllMenemo495
26.06.18 - golden rule: added consideration for the chat
25.06.18 - added remark about waiting for an answer to the golden rule
23.06.18 - § 5.6: users are now expected to ask thread owners about ownership transfer first; staff only to be involved when necessary
14.03.18 - § 4.9 revised: double posting not allowed, regardless of auto-edit functionality
10.12.17 - added [UWP] tag
07.12.17 - updated topic tag colours in § 5.4.2
04.12.17 - minor fixes (thanks Shadowghost)
29.04.17 - updated § 1.5 on account deletion
20.12.16 - added [Oculus] tag
09.12.16 - minor changes to § 4.8 and § 6.3, linking sites that require registration is now allowed, unless if posted to advertise them; § 6.4 rewritten
29.11.16 - rewritten rule § 3.7 to be clearer and to be applicable to profiles
22.09.16 - added § 5.6 about thread ownership, added note about attachment size limit in § 4.10
02.09.16 - § 4.10: passwords other than "cs.rin.ru" now forbidden, renaming files to circumvent extension rules now forbidden
01.09.16 - § 4.10: multipart archives now forbidden, filesize limit back to 10MB, PM attachments should be temporary
25.07.16 - added § 4.8 as an exception for private messages (§ 7), added preamble note about the shoutbox
23.07.16 - minor improvements to § 4.10
21.07.16 - added § 4.10: attachment restrictions
06.03.16 - updated § 4.8 to include torrents and magnet URIs
16.08.15 - updated link in § 4.5
23.06.15 - added FreeArc and SFX archives to § 4.8
18.05.15 - modifications to § 4.8 (requests not explicitly forbidden, added NanoZip)
16.05.15 - rewrote § 4.8, added GOG tag, moved changelog
12.05.15 - clarified scene uploads in rule § 4.8, changed § 9.1 description
13.12.14 - changed Main Forum purpose description
13.12.14 - removed GreenLuma example from § 5.1
10.04.14 - Added staff contact link
10.04.14 - Added § 5.2, shifted numbering in § 5, rewrote topic tag rule (now § 5.4)
06.04.14 - General revision: language (many changes, but not in meaning), formatting (paragraph signs)
05.04.14 - New "Other Gaming Platforms" subforum: generalized some formulations, updated 1.1, 4.8, 5.1, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3
05.04.14 - Removed part about quote nesting, because board software takes care of this
05.04.14 - Removed Updates Database mentionings
30.04.13 - Updated rule 3.6
18.07.12 - Rule 4.5 (Trading) updated
01.05.11 - Updated SCS forum rules (Game Bounty thread)
13.10.10 - Updated SCS forum rules
27.08.08 - Changed first advice to "By using the forum [..]"
24.08.08 - Title capitalization
17.08.08 - General revision: expressions, syntax, rule 4.2, rule 4.5
12.08.08 - Updated 9.6 (Archive subforums)
23.07.08 - Fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes and typos - thanks to Shaman
22.07.08 - Added rule 2.1.4 Account deletion
22.07.08 - Bump rule corrected to 48 hours
21.07.08 - Numbers corrected
14.07.08 - Rules rewritten

§ 1 General Information

    § 1.1 Forum Description
      We are a community of developers, crackers and gamers that is built around Valve's Content Delivery Platform Steam. The English part of this forum is the main place of the Non-Steam scene on the internet, while the Russian part is a Non-Steam gaming community with several servers. We create ways to get and play the fast-growing amount of games available on Steam, but for free and, if desired, without the need for Steam. So if you don't want to use Steam or simply need certain games on it, but for free, you can find lots of solutions here. And in case you're a cracker or coder, we can offer great expertise and documentation on Steam emulation, dynamic patching, content filesystems, server protocols and much more.
      In April 2014, we introduced a new subforum for games that are not on Steam, but other distribution platforms, to allow the community to share and develop solutions for those as well.
      Please note that we are not a common warez-forum.

    § 1.2 Spoken Languages: Russian and English
      This forum's common languages are Russian and English. It is allowed to speak English in the Russian part and Russian in the English part, but please keep it to a minimum and use the primary language, if possible, so that everyone else can understand you.

    § 1.3 The Team - Staff and Special Usergroups
      Don't ask to be a moderator. Doing so results in your chances of ever becoming one decreasing drastically. If we are in need of new moderators, the current staff will choose active and dedicated members that suit the job.
      Most other usergroups require you to be active, especially active concerning their specific purpose, as well as having a recommendation from a current member of the group. The group moderator will decide whether you can join the group or not. If at some point you cease to meet the membership requirements of a group, you will be removed from it sooner or later.

    § 1.4 Concerning Your Safety
      We are concerned about removing any malicious content that could damage your computer or software in any shape or form, such as trojans and viruses, or which could expose any private information like personal details or login data, such as account stealers, keyloggers or any other kind of spyware and malware. While we try our best to keep the forum clean, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by anything that is posted here.
      Therefore, make sure that you run programs that you do not trust or that have not been verified to be clean by moderators or experienced members within a program such as [[Please login to see this link.]] and that you keep your antivirus software and firewall up to date.
      It has happened multiple times that users were careless when it came to posting screenshots or providing information on a problem. Be sure not to accidentally expose any private information such as account names/passwords, IP addresses, email addresses or IM contact information! We don't need them! To learn more about this, read here.

    § 1.5 Deleting User Accounts
      We might prune very old accounts that have never been used, or use it as a measure of punishment, as described in § 2.1.
      Refer to our privacy policy if you want to request deletion of your account.

§ 2 Moderation and Rules Enforcement

    § 2.1 Punishments
      Which punishment will be inflicted upon violation of the rules is decided by the moderator dealing with the violation. You'll find hints on the usual course of action on most of the rules listed here. Note that we are not bound by those hints; we may act differently depending on the situation.

      • Censoring
          Posts will be edited or deleted by moderators if they contain certain unacceptable material such as disgusting images or advertising, for example. This is rather a measure to keep the forum clean, not an actual punishment. Still be aware that you did something wrong though, if you don't get a warning for it that is.

      • Warnings
          For blatant and ignorant rules violations, warnings can be issued. Should you continuously show that you haven't read the rules through your behaviour, you can also get a warning. Warnings appear next to your posts, below your avatar and profile information.
          Warnings expire (disappear) after 90 days, but should you manage to get 3 simultaneous warnings you will be permanently banned.

      • Bans
          Bans occur automatically, through warnings. In special cases, however, users can also be banned directly without any preceding warnings. Special cases are, for example, if a user appears to be a former, now banned member who re-registered and/or repeatedly disturbs the peace of the forum. Generally, special cases are determined as such as the respective moderator sees fit.

      • Account Deletion
          This will be done to low-post-count accounts only - generally if the user has multiple accounts and/or posted malicious content and/or spammed (see § 4.3 and § 6).

    § 2.2 No Mini Modding
      This term describes normal members acting like moderators. Don't do this. See § 2.3.

    § 2.3 Reporting Posts
      Use the report button Image to notify the staff of rules violation or any other problem with a post or a user. Do not get yourself involved directly.
      Abuse of the report feature will not be tolerated.

    § 2.4 Staff Authority and Concerns
      An administrator or moderator is always right when it comes to judging and punishing users. Never argue with a staff member. If you have questions or concerns regarding the rules or an action of a staff member, send a PM to either the person in question or the English moderator team. Do not create a new thread, demanding justification.

§ 3 Behaviour Guidelines

    § 3.1 Respect, Tolerance and Patience
      Treat others with respect, especially those who contribute and are helpful. If you want to criticize someone, try to be constructive. Even if someone is new and acts stupid and you don't feel like helping them, better don't post at all. Be patient with newcomers and let the moderators deal with them, if necessary.
      If someone is not respectful towards you, don't respond in the same manner to avoid disputes and flaming.

    § 3.2 No Flaming
      Flaming and insulting other members will lead to warnings. If you see someone doing so, please report them. If someone flames you, it's no excuse for flaming back and you might earn a warning, too.

    § 3.3 No Thread Hijacking
      This tends to happen quite often. Hijacking a thread means to post unrelated comments and messages or to start (and continue) a different discussion that is not related to the topic. Stick to a thread's purpose and don't go off topic.

    § 3.4 Take Time to Search and Read!
      Before you even think of posting, make sure you have used the search feature and have read existing posts and threads about your problem or the topic you want to research into.
      Yes, we know. There's a lot of information to be found on this forum. Therefore, it is particularly important to read all announcements and stickied threads before you go and ask anything! You can answer many questions by yourself with common sense and in no time at all.

    § 3.5 No Private Applications/Cracks
      Do not talk about these! You are not allowed to request access to private stuff. If the author has decided not to share it, accept that.

    § 3.6 No Multiplayer Cheats and Game Hacks
      We do not support cheating in multiplayer games in any way. Please refrain from talking about anything related to online cheating. If you post cheats or hacks for the multiplayer aspect of any game, or that cause effects carrying over to multiplayer matches, we will remove your post and you might receive a warning. Sharing singleplayer cheat codes, trainers and applications is allowed.

    § 3.7 Avoid Controversial Topics
      This forum as a whole is focused on cracking, games and internet media. We don't intend to turn it into a discussion platform for social issues. Subjects like religion, politics, social beliefs and similar fall into this category and should be avoided. For that matter, also refrain from fueling controversial discussions. This rule is applicable not only to your posts, but to your profile (avatar, signature) as well.

    § 3.8 Respect Personal Privacy
      Do not reveal, accidentally or otherwise, another person's private information, including, but not limited to, real name, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, location, contact information, Steam account details or profiles on social media or gaming platforms without the affected person's explicit consent.

§ 4 Posting

    § 4.1 The Golden Rule: Think before you post!
      Whether it be a question, a reply to a question or participation in a discussion, ask yourself these questions:

        - Does my post make any sense at all?
        - Is it needed?

      If you want help:
        - Is this the right forum and thread to post into?
        - Is this not the shoutbox/chat?
        - Am I sure that my problem has not been solved or that my question has not been answered before?
        - Have I provided enough information and can others understand my request?
        - If I have asked my question before, have I waited for at least 48 hours before brining it up again?

      If you reply to a question:
        - Does my post answer the question?

      In general and during discussions:
        - Is my post intelligent, does it contribute in any way?
        - Is my attitude positive and constructive when there's a problem needing to be solved?

    If any of these questions can be answered with 'no' in the given situations, don't post.

    § 4.2 Quality, Form and Language
      Try to post intelligently. Don't use colors and special font sizes if you aren't posting a release, tutorial, guidelines, steps to follow or any other kind of contribution that makes it necessary to structure your post. In turn, you are encouraged to use colors and font sizes to structure these kind of posts. Capitalized words are to be avoided in general!
      Use proper punctuation and grammar as far as your knowledge goes. If you happen to have big problems with the English language, consider posting at the Foreign Languages Forum in your native language instead.

    § 4.3 No Hacking, Trojans, Keyloggers and the Like
      Posting malicious content is not a good idea. Malicious content includes: Viruses, trojans, spyware like keyloggers and account stealers, malware and hacking tools, where hacking refers to "intruding someone's computer or website". It's also forbidden to post any guides or source codes related to hacking personal computers.

    § 4.4 No Disgusting Content or Porn
      Posting such will earn you a warning.

    § 4.5 No Trading
      In general, trading and asking for game accounts, CD keys, Steam Family Sharing or similar is not allowed.
      Exceptions: You are allowed to trade freely with other users using the Steam trading system for gifts, game items, coupons and so on here. You are also allowed to give away invites to private torrent sites here. Do not create new threads, but instead use the official ones and private messages.
      The staff takes no responsibility for any trades you make with users on this forum. All trading is done at your own risk.

    § 4.6 Quotation Limit
      Don't quote a post if it takes up the whole screen. Click on the username of the poster and use the Quick Reply instead.

    § 4.7 Cracking and Exploitation Achievements
      Should you succeed in cracking a major function of Steam, other platforms and/or their games, or manage to exploit something - like the cybercafe system - contact the administrators first before posting it. In some cases it might be more benefiting to everyone if certain discretion is preserved, should it be advisable not to give the respective companies the opportunity to fix something.
      If you don't know if what you made or found out applies to this rule, it's better to be safe than sorry. Things we consider this rule to apply to will be removed if no permission for posting them has been given.

    § 4.8 Warez
      Warez is an umbrella term for commercial software, video games, music and other media and entertainment content which is pirated, that is, freely shared without regards for copyright laws.
      This is not a warez forum, yet we share and discuss PC games freely. Warez are not allowed to be uploaded, linked or requested on this forum, unless they meet any of the requirements listed below and do not violate any other rules. Private messages are not affected by this rule.

      It is allowed to upload, link or request
      1. cracks, emulators or any other package of files or instructions that can be used to circumvent copy protection and DRM measures of games,
      2. game files released by
        • scene groups, if the uploaded files are not branded like the original scene release and are fully extracted from the original container files (rar, iso, exe installers and so on) as provided by the group,
        • P2P groups (that is, warez groups that do not adhere to [[Please login to see this link.]] rules) such as 3DM and ALI213,
        • any source that is not a warez group,
      3. software that is closely relevant to the purpose of this forum as described in § 1.1 or to a discussion in an existing thread, as long as the discussion is on topic and does not violate any other rules,
      4. media content that is directly related to a game that is discussed on the forum, except for full movies and series
      5. warez that were explicitly allowed in advance by a staff member.

      Mentioning non-commercial community sites that provide warez of any kind or linking to the homepage or index of such sites is also allowed.

    § 4.9 Double Posting
      Double posting is the act of posting twice in a row in the same thread. Double posting after less than 24 hours is not allowed and instead, you should edit your last post. Also, if you just want to bump your thread, use the "Bump-topic" link below the thread title.

    § 4.10 Attachments
      Attachments are only for files that you want to share with other forum members.

        - Do not use them as a means of personal storage.
        - Delete old attachments in private messages regularly.
        - Use strong compression, like [[Please login to see this link.]] with "LZMA2 Ultra" setting. RAR and ZIP are often inferior in compression ratio.
        - Archives with multiple parts are not allowed.
        - Passwords other than "cs.rin.ru" are not allowed.
        - Renaming files to circumvent the allowed file extensions is not allowed (pack your file with 7-zip to upload arbitrary file types).

      If a file is too large to be uploaded but you think it should be an attachment on the forum, contact an administrator. Content restrictions from § 4.8 apply: Potentially illegal content other than cracks or game files, such as child pornography, will be removed immediately; the user in question will be banned, and their information may be forwarded to the authorities. We reserve the right to delete, edit or use any attachments as we see fit.

§ 5 Creating a Thread
Make sure that you follow the posting rules when creating a thread. Also read the section-specific rules further down this post to avoid posting at the wrong place.
These rules do not apply to the Off Topic section.

When asking for help:

    § 5.1 Is it necessary?
      Make sure that your problem or question has not been discussed anywhere on the forum before (by using the search feature!) and that all the announcements and stickies, especially the FAQ, could not provide the information you seek.
      If there are threads covering the subject, use them and post there! This especially applies to all games, as they will most likely have a pre-existing main support thread.
      Not following this rule results in your thread being locked without notice.

    § 5.2 Choose an Appropriate Forum Section
      Please refer to § 9 for an overview and descriptions of all forum sections. Game discussion, download and support threads belong in the "Main Forum" or its "Other Gaming Platforms" subforum, depending on whether the game is available on Steam or not. If a game is on multiple platforms including Steam, post it according to where it was first available and what you think is the main DRM system used in that game. If you are not sure, post in the Main Forum.
      Staff will move threads between forum sections if deemed necessary or appropriate.

    § 5.3 Be precise and specific
      Your post should give a short and accurate description of the problem. The more carefully you post, the more help you will receive.

    § 5.4 Arranging Your Thread

      § 5.4.1 Put Effort Into a Good Thread Title!
        This is important. Try to think of a short, descriptive thread subject/title. Mention which game or topic the question is about and add a keyword that describes the issue best. Any thread not having a title that tells other members what they can expect from it will be locked without further notice.

        Examples for good thread titles: "[Error] HL2 - NPC Node Graph" or "[Question] Launchers with Friends support?"

      § 5.4.2 Use Topic Tags
        You can choose an appropriate topic tag from the dropdown menu at the new topic form, right below the "Subject" field.

          Generic Tags
          - [Error] [Problem] [Question] - Use these if your inquiry can be categorized as a request for help or information.
          - [Solved] - Change the tag to this as soon as your issue has been resolved, to let others know.
          - [Request] - Only use this if you feel it's absolutely necessary and there is no other suitable thread for you to ask in. In particular, refrain from making request threads for game uploads or cracks.
          - [Info] - This tag can be used for support and download threads for Steam games and all kinds of news. For games on other platforms, use the platform tags listed below.

          Specific Tags
          - [Release] - Only to be used for relevant software that you developed yourself. DO NOT use this for games!
          - [Tutorial] - Mark your (well-written and well-formatted) How-to or guide to make it more visible to other users.
          - [Standalone] - If you have created a custom standalone version of a classic Steam game and want to release it, this is the tag to use.

          Gaming Platform Tags
          Only use these in the Other Gaming Platforms subforum. If there is no suitable tag for your thread, you can also use [Info].
          - [Origin] - Newer games published by Electronic Arts are on Origin.
          - [Uplay] - Uplay is Ubisoft's DRM platform. Many Uplay games can also be found on Steam.
          - [GOG] - GOG.com is a DRM-free distribution platform by CD Projekt (the developers of the The Witcher series). Many old, refurbished games can be found there.
          - [Oculus] - The Oculus store features games for the Oculus virtual reality gear, such as the Oculus Rift.
          - [UWP] - Universal Windows Platform is an application architecture for Windows 10. Games that are distributed via the Windows Store use this.

        If none of these are applicable, feel free to write a custom one in front of the thread title. Also, contact us if you are convinced that we need to add another tag.
        Do NOT use tags that appear in the dropdown menu, but are not listed here. Those are reserved for special usage.

    § 5.5 Bumping Threads
      If you want a thread to get to the top of the forum view, use the "Bump-topic" link below the thread title. You can do this every 48 hours, but only do it when it is really needed! Editing the last post on a thread resets its timestamp, as a way to give the edit visibility. This has the side effect of bumping the thread. Do not abuse this.

    § 5.6 Change of Thread Ownership
      If you are interested in taking over maintenance of a game thread in the "Main Forum" or "Other Gaming Platforms" subforums, ask the current owner of the thread. The current owner can request the transfer by contacting a moderator. If the thread owner of an outdated thread does not reply to you or to a moderator within a few days, thread ownership may be transferred to other users as staff see fit, to avoid outdated first posts in large and important threads.

If you do not follow these rules, your thread will be locked or deleted and depending on your level of ignorance, you can even get a warning!

§ 6 Spam Policy
This is a list of what is considered spam. The full range of possible punishments is likely to be used when dealing with spam.

    § 6.1 Unnecessary Posts
      ..such as sole acronyms ("lol" "rofl"), smilies only, "+1" etc are not very welcome. Saying thanks is of course allowed.

    § 6.2 Flood
      Posting lots of not very useful comments in a short time. "Think before you post", remember that?

    § 6.3 Restricted Links
      If you want to share something, either post it here or give a direct link to it. Linking to sites that are not freely accessible (e.g. registration needed) is allowed, unless § 6.4 applies.

    § 6.4 Advertising
      Promoting referral links, linking sites with the main pupose of promoting them and using monetizing link redirectors is not allowed in your posts.

§ 7 Private Messaging

All rules apply to private messages, except for § 1.2, § 3.5, § 4.5 and § 4.8.

§ 8 Profiles
Common rules, except for the advertising rules, apply to all elements of user profiles.

    § 8.1 Advertising
      You are allowed to advertise in your profile, including avatar and signature. This is an exception to § 6.4.

    § 8.2 Image sizes
      Avatars are limited to 120x120 pixels. Images in your signature must not be wider than 500 pixels, while the whole signature must not be higher than 200 pixels, including text. File sizes must be as small as possible. If the image is hundreds of kilobytes or even more than 1 Megabyte in size, a staff member might ask you to remove it, or it will be removed by the staff directly.

§ 9 Section-specific Rules
This will help you determine where to post and look for whatever you seek.
Threads that are created at the wrong section will be moved.

    § 9.1 Main Forum
      Meant for: Steam and Steam games discussions, support and contributions. Sharing game content and cracks.
      Not meant for: Technical talks (Developer Forum) or discussions unrelated to the above.
      Additional rules/restrictions: No support for uncracked Steam or games that you own, go to [[Please login to see this link.]] for that.

      This thread is a good guide on how we want to discuss and share games on this site - and how we don't.

      Subforum: Releases - Approved, Steam-related applications developed by community members can be found here. Check the stickied threads there for more information. Applications unrelated to Steam, but related to other distribution platforms, can be posted in the "Other Gaming Platforms" subforum.
      Subforum: Tutorials - Well-written and maintained Steam or Steam games-related tutorials and guides, moved from the Main Forum by the staff, can be found here. Tutorials on other platforms and games on them belong into the "Other Gaming Platforms" subforum, cracking/coding tutorials belong into the Developer forum.
      Subforum: Standalones - Customized releases of mostly classic Steam games, made to run without Steam.
      Subforum: Other Gaming Platforms - This subforum is meant to be used in the same way as the Main Forum, but instead of Steam games, this forum's topics are solely related to games published on distribution platforms and DRM systems other than Steam. Releases and tutorials for such games and platforms should also be posted here and not in the aforementioned subforums.

    § 9.2 Off Topic
      Meant for: Fun talks, community, forum and site related discussions and everything that does not fit into other sections.
      Not meant for: Sharing games or making games work. Discussions can be allowed if they are completely unrelated to downloading and running the game.
      Additional rules/restrictions: None. This section is meant to be a fun place to hang out, thus § 3.3, § 4.1, § 4.2 and § 6.1 can be taken rather lightly. Just don't overdo it. Thread creation rules (§ 5) are not mandatory, but still, please put some thought into your threads.

    § 9.3 Developer Forum
      Meant for: Programmers and crackers to share code and developer info, beta tests, PoCs, cracking and coding tutorials related to game distribution and DRM platforms. Game-specific issues should be kept to a minimum.
      Not meant for: Support, game sharing, full releases.
      Additional rules/restrictions: Do not request programs or cracks to be made. Posting of tools and applications related to coding and cracking, as well as keys and cracks for these, is allowed. This is an exception to the warez rule (§ 4.8).

    § 9.4 Steam Content Sharing
      Meant for: Sharing games that are on Steam in Steam formats only (content + ACF + Manifest).
      Not meant for: Support for cracks, game discussion.
      Additional rules/restrictions: You cannot create threads or attach files to your posts in this forum. The former to prevent request spam, the latter not to fill the server's hard disk with Steam files and updates. Use filehosters for those!

        General rules
        - Do NOT post any off-topic comments at any threads! Stick to the thread's purpose!
        - Do NOT complain about speeds. Instead, recommend us good upload services.
        - Do NOT whine about filehosters you don't like. We try our best to make alternate mirrors available.
        - General disrespect and rudeness towards uploaders and contributing members will result in a ban.
        - Be sure to read the first post of ALL stickied threads!

        Game topics rules
        - Do NOT request mirrors. Bear with the links that are available.
        - Important: Do not ask for games posted with "down-tag" (Image) or "partially offline-tag" (Image) to be uploaded. If there aren't any links it means we cannot upload that game yet, so be patient!
        - Do NOT post in these threads if a link is down, tell us at the Link Report Thread instead!

    § 9.5 Foreign Languages Forum
      Meant for: Any discussions or questions in languages other than Russian and English.
      Not meant for: Ignoring forum rules just because you think moderators don't understand your language!
      Additional rules/restrictions: Except for § 1.2, all rules apply. Please tag your threads with your language name, for example: [GER] [ESP] [FR]. Rules about self-informing will not be enforced as much as in the Main Forum, since everything is in English. This does not mean you are allowed to have no clue though.

    § 9.6 Archive
      Meant for: Archiving threads of any kind.
      Not meant for: Being used..
      Additional rules/restrictions: None. You cannot post here. If you find something in the archive that you want to talk about and there is no similar or newer thread in active sections, link to the archived thread when you create a new thread.

      Subforum: Tutorials - The remnants of the Tutorial section that we had until the phpBB3 relaunch and restructuring took place.
      Subforum: Ancient Threads - At the yearly phpBB3 relaunch anniversary, all threads from the Main Forum and the Foreign section that have not been posted in for three years will be moved here.

- End of rules -

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