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Getting hard in bed is not the end of the world. But what if the occasional "Somehow it`s not working today" turns into a permanent condition? Especially young men over 40 find it frustrating when they notice that their erections suddenly become weaker or even stop completely. Erectile dysfunction in your 30s? Does this even exist?

It does, and it`s not as rare as many might think. Even if it is not in line with modern society, where a man has to be fit and strong at all times: a study carried out by the University of San Raffaele in Italy showed that one in four men experience this sexual disorder by the age of forty.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an erectile disorder in which a man is unable to achieve or maintain penile erection. Colloquially, erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence or erectile impotence. However, a distinction should be made between erectile dysfunction and infertility, as impotence encompasses both sexual disorders. It helps to have erectile dysfunction.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Lack of virility is actually only natural from the age of 40 onwards as a result of the ageing process. However, it is increasingly evident that erectile dysfunction also affects young men.

The most common causes are:

    • psychological stress
    • pressure to perform
    • smoking
    • use of drugs and alcohol
    • diabetes
    • high blood pressure 
    • surgery (e.g. rectal)
    • testosterone deficiency
    • depression

Interesting: poor blood circulation can cause impotence and snoring . Obviously, the two are linked. People who snore often suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is because both processes are governed by the same circulatory mechanism, according to a conclusion presented by researchers from Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine in Kassel. If the blood is not flowing properly, the airways cannot be free, according to conference leader Martin Konermann. People start snoring - and erections do not happen. 

The risk of developing erectile dysfunction increases with age and with diseases such as heart problems or high blood pressure. However, "nocturnal oxygen deprivation due to sleep apnoea is an additional independent risk factor that can also lead to erectile dysfunction if one is present," explains study leader Stephan Budweiser in the study. 

What helps with erectile dysfunction?

Medication: Even if erectile dysfunction is every man`s nightmare, never be afraid to seek help from a doctor. Because there are several methods and treatments that can help you. A doctor can make a diagnosis, such as prescribing medication. So-called PDE-5 inhibitors (phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors) improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the penis. This should improve the erectile function of the penis and erectile tissue can function again. Viagra is one of the best known PDE-5 inhibitor. Cheaper and well know alternative to Viagra  is Kamagra. To treat erectile dysfunction, doctors usually prescribe sildenafil citrate (sold as Viagra or Kamagra). It is also available online and at pharmacies. Sildenafil is no longer available without a prescription due to regulatory changes. To be on the safe side, though, you should consult with a doctor or pharmacist to check that it is safe for you to ingest.

Home remedies: Before resorting to medicines, you can try home remedies: for example, ginger tea stimulates blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Live a healthier lifestyle: There are many risk factors that lead to erectile dysfunction. By adopting a healthier lifestyle, you can turn this off as a preventive measure: Among other things, you should not smoke and reduce excess weight. Low physical activity, psychological stress and excessive alcohol consumption can also be causes of erectile dysfunction.

Partnership: Erectile dysfunction naturally affects relationships and has a significant impact on sexual cohabitation. Therefore, men with erectile dysfunction should not shy away from telling their partner so that the problem can be addressed together. Without discussion, both partners have to rely on assumptions and fantasies, which can lead to mutual mistrust.

Therapy: If training exercises, home remedies, medicines, etc. don`t help, you should consider therapy from a psychotherapist. Talk to your doctor about this. 

It is perfectly normal that from time to time things do not work out as you would like in bed. However, if an erection becomes a persistent problem, it is advisable to talk openly with your girlfriend and try our tips. If they don`t help, you should seek medical advice. Shame is definitely the wrong strategy. 

Опубликовано: 19.07.2021
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