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Anonymous Web Hosting: Is it the Future?


Yes, anonymous VPS hosting services are the future of webpage hosting as we see it. In fact, TechRadar, one of the biggest tech review websites, has said that anonymous hosting solutions play a crucial role in securing user`s privacy and keeping their personal data safe.


That`s the main reason why users with traditional web hosting solutions are now moving towards anonymous hosting services. Especially those who value their privacy. They`ve already understood that anonymous VPS is one of the best ways to launch a website or any online project. 


PRV.to anonymous VPS has plenty to offer:


  • data safety
  • anonymity - user`s identity isn`t revealed
  • anonymous payments via Bitcoin
  • 99% up-time, scalability and reliability
  • onion version accessible via Tor


What is Anonymous Hosting?

Still, for many people term "anonymous hosting" is unclear. 

The best definition of anonymous hosting solution is:

"Hosting service that doesn`t require, share, or access any user personal information."

When users open an account with an anonymous VPS hosting, they don`t have to provide any identity-proofing details. A company just creates a pseudo ID for its user and grants access to the domain and the hosting package. All this is done once the user has cleared payment. Payments can be made via cryptocurrency Bitcoin.


Anonymous hosting solutions have made the lives of journalists, reporters, and bloggers easier who are working on secret or sensitive stories and are constantly under threat. Take the example of Wikileaks. Without anonymous hosting solutions, Wikileaks and other similar websites would have never existed.


Similarly, take Piratebay. The website is only live because it is hosted on an anonymous server. Many agencies have tried to take it down but failed because the website is launched again through another anonymous server. This is possible due to anonymous hosting services that are away from governmental or institutional controls.

Even businesses can launch their own online projects on anonymous hosting solutions if they don`t want their governments to know that they are doing business with foreign entities. Most governments don`t believe in Gross National Product (GNP) through IT exports and curtailing business activities. Anonymous hosting solutions offer a ray of hope for these businesses so that they can grow, scale, and profit like never before.


Anonymous Hosting vs Traditional Hosting

A traditional hosting solution is where the user, when registering, must provide their details, including a copy of their ID. They get a hosting package once the hosting company properly verifies all the details. 

On the other hand, an anonymous hosting package is completely different. Anonymous VPS like PRV.to allows users to create a hosting account of their choice without any verification. All what you need is just an e-mail address. All payments are anonymous, thanks to Bitcoin. 

So, which one is better? Obviously, an anonymous hosting solution. Why? Because anonymous hosting solutions don`t jeopardize user`s privacy. They can launch any type of website they want. 


Where are Anonymous Hosting Servers hosted?

Anonymous bitcoin hosting has servers in multiple places. They are spread across the globe just in various data centers. Whether you want to launch a website from Africa or from India, you can do both because of the unlimited number of available servers.


Is Anonymous Hosting Truly Secure?

Another question that is often asked about an anonymous hosting solution is about its security. 

Most anonymous hosting services come with proper security so that no one can breach their data. Similarly, these hosting solutions also offer off-site backups, security updates, and IP whitelisting. There are many other ways how these hosting solutions will to keep your data secure.

So, the answer to the above question is: Yes! Anonymous hosting solutions are truly secure and great at hosting user data. But be aware, any anonymous hosting solutions are only as secure as you keep them. 


Ready to Get Your Anonymous Hosting Solution

We hope that the above information is enough for you to decide why an anonymous hosting solution will be best for your business. Since they offer plenty of safety features to their users, and privacy protection is at its core.

Move your project to an anonymous hosting service and secure your privacy.


Опубликовано: 10.08.2021
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